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Madhubala: Rishbala Reunion At Last; Sultan Drama To End!

By: Girija Narayan
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Colors' popular show, Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon's latest on the sets sources say that Sultan is going to be exposed this week and Rishbala are going to get back together very soon.

As we know, Madhubala (Drashti Dhami), due to Sultan has asked RK (Vivian Dsena) for a divorce. She even creates the environment in the house to support her reason for this, saying she has always loved Sultan and not RK. In many circumstances, RK behaves like he knows Madhu is staging all this too.

When Madhu brings Sultan's photo to their room, RK looses it, he goes crazy and breaks the portrait. To get back on what she had done, RK brings in a girl to their room, Madhubala gets very upset this time, though she is supposed to pretend she does not care about what RK does, she throws the girl out of the house immediately.

RK, when wipes Madhu's sindoor and breaks her mangalsutra, Madhu secretly sews the mangalsutra back and ties it to her wrist and covers it by wearing bangles over it. But RK, when caressing her when she was sleeping, accidentally notices the mangalsutra on her hand.

RK's behaviour at all these times shows that he know about Madhu and that she is staging all this because of some unknown reason. He even asks Bittu to keep an eye on her.

The latest rumours circulating on many social media networks also say that Sultan is going to come out of his hiding and RK will know about him. Also, RK will come to know the act Madhu has been playing all this while just to keep him safe. But knowing RK and Sultan, should we expect a gun-fight again this week? We will have to wait and watch.

Though the fans of Rishbala were sad about the circumstances their favourite characters were thrown into, many are expressing delight over seeing their favourite hero RK back with his attitude on the show, Madhubala. 

Madhubala's Act

Madhubala has been staging acts to present herself so that everyone are convinced she is in love with Sultan and not RK.

RK Strikes Back

When Madhu brings Sultan's photo into their room, RK looses his cool and breaks the picture. He brings back a girl to their room to retaliate.

Madhubala Reaction

When RK takes a girl to Rishbala's room, Madhu would not stay quite. Though she is supposed to pretend she is in love with Sultan, her love for RK would make her behave in a certain way.

Madhubala's Plans

With all of Madhubala's plans failing to work in making him divorce her, she is loosing time with Sultan. But RK might have guessed something was amiss in Madhu's behaviour and so refused to sign on the divorce papers.


RK asks Bittu to keep an eye on Madhubala so he will get any clue regarding all this. On the other hand, Dips calls Sultan and asks him to do something soon.

Rishbala To Get back Together

If the information is correct, Rishbala are going to get back together and Sultan's drama is going to come to light in a day or two.

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