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No Elimination Week On Bigg Boss 7; Bigg Boss Trying To Retain Tanisha?

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Bigg Boss 7 has a no elimination week going on just when, apparently, Ajay Devgn has requested Salman Khan to get Tanisha Mukherjee evicted. Is the timing bad or is Bigg Boss trying to extend Tanisha Mukherjee's stay in the house?

As we all know, Tanisha Mukherjee's family - her mother/actress Tanuja, her sister/famous Bollywood actress Kajol and her brother-in-law/Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan - opposed Tanisha being a part of a show like Bigg Boss. But Tanisha decided not consider all their advices and entered the house full of cameras.

If this was not enough, Tanisha has manged to fall for Armaan Kohli, the short-tempered-foul-mouth-perpetually-rude-to-everyone-man in the house. Tanisha is often seen getting yelled at by him and she still continues to stick to him claiming it is her "strategy" in the game.

Looks like Tanisha's family has had enough of this and made Ajay Devgn request his good friend Salman Khan to do something and get her out of the house.

Salman Khan recently had made is clear to Kushal Tandon and everybody else that he has nothing to do with Bigg Boss' decisions. We will have to wait and watch if Salman interferes in this matter or not.

In the meanwhile, would this be one of the reasons why Bigg Boss has decided to make this a no elimination week? This way, they get two more weeks of Armaan and Tanisha and a good enough excuse to keep Tanisha from getting evicted.

Only time can tell which of these speculations are true and which of them are false.

Tanisha And Armaan

Tanisha and Armaan started getting closer in the initial episodes.

Kajol And Tanuja

Kajol and Tanuja had opposed Tanisha's decision to enter the Bigg Boss house. Little did they know that her stay in the house would be the least of their worries.

Getting Closer

Armaan and Tanisha continued to get close to each other as days passed. They even got a little touchy in the house.

Salman Interfered

Salman Khan interfered in this matter and warned the duo about the cameras that were looking at them.

They Continued

Tanisha and Armaan continued their story in the house. Though they claimed to be just "special friends", the cameras were telling an entirely new story.

Honeymoon Got Over

Their honeymoon period got over soon enough and Armaan's short-temper issues did not spare Tanisha too.

Protective Brother

Tanisha's brother-in-law Ajay Devgn had to intervene to try and put an end to this issue. Ajay turned to his good friend Salman Khan.

Ajay And Salman

Ajay Devgn apparently requested his good friend Salman Khan to end Tanisha's journey in Bigg Boss house. But with no eliminations this week, even if Salman Khan intervenes, Tanisha will have to stay in the house for another two weeks.

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