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Kapil Sharma And Gutthi Ridiculed 'Mad In India' On Comedy Nights With Kapil!

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Gutthi (Sunil Grover), returned to Comedy Nights With Kapil and claimed she had been to America all these days. But Kapil Sharma did not try to hide the actual reason. Kapil and Gutthi joined hands to ridicule the Star Plus show Mad In India, for which Sunil had actually left the show.

When Gutthi re-entered the show and made her way to the stage, shy and slow, the audience were ecstatic and shouted out to her. She bought Indian sweets from America to everyone on the show and an American corn specially for Kapil.

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After distributing the gifts from America, Gutthi was questioned about where she had actually been. When Kapil remarked they had all seen where she had been, Gutthi, initially had no answer. But eventually said, "If everyone had seen why didn't the show run?"

It is known to every one that Gitthi, Sunil Grover, left Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights With Kapil due to issues with his remuneration. But, soon after was roped in for a comedy show, very similer to Comedy Nights... on Star Plus, Mad In India. Even after mamoth efforts from the channel and the makers of the show, MII shut shop just after three months.

The episode had Akshya Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty and Tamannah Bhatia promoting their film Entertainment. By the time Gutthi entered, the stars were seen exhausted having had fun with Dadi, Bua, Palak and of course Bittu (Kapil). But when Gutthi graced the stage, the energy level ont he stage went ten fold.

Here are the snapshots of the episode...

Kapil Sharma Made Fun Of Mad In India

Kapil Sharma and Gutthi together made fun of Mad In India.

Gutthi's Re-Entry

Sunil Grover was seen in different avatars on the show. This was the first time he made his re-entry into Comedy Nights With Kapil as Gutthi.

Palak Called Gutthi

Palak says to Kapil that she will call someone who can shut his mouth.

Gutthi Comes To Stage

That is when Gutthi makes her way to the stage.

Palak's Welcome

Palak's warm welcome to her sister Gutthi.

Gutthi's Song

Gutthi was back singing her famous song, Phool Khile Hai...

Gutthi's Dance

Gutthi danced while Palak managed the music.

Gifts From America

Gutthi would have got Indian sweets from America for everyone.

Kapil's Gift

And a corn for Kapil Sharma.

Gutthi With Akshay

Gutthi danced for Akshay Kumar who was on the show for his film Entertainment.


Gutthi in all her glory while dancing on the show.

Akshay's Dance With Gutthi

Akshay's version of dancing with Gutthi was to drag her on the floor.

Gutthi's Version Of Romance

Gutthi's version of romance was to have her palm on her head.

Gutthi And Akshay Played Kabadi

Gutthi and Akshay played kabadi and of course AKshay won.

Gutthi Fun

Even though there were many on the show Gutthi alone could grab attention when Kapil was on stage.

Made Dun Of Mad In India

Mad In India and Sunil was ridiculed at various parts of the show.

Gutthi Tickled By Akshay

Akshay Kumar tickled Gutthi during their dance.

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