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Tashan-e-Ishq: OMG! Leela's Past To Be Revealed; Will Twinkle Accept Her Father?

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In Zee TV's Tashan-e-Ishq, the current plot revolves around Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin), Leela and Leela's husband. Leela's husband is back in their life. And this is sure to bring in more drama to the show.

In the last episode we saw Leela trying to wake her husband up who had fallen on the stairs. Twinkle is at the door and constantly ringing the bell.She gets worried for Leela as she is not opening the door.

Leela's Husband

Leela's husband asks her permission to meet Twinkle. Leela gets angry and asks him to stay away from her and her daughter.


Anita notices the sindoor on Leela's forehead and asks her about it. Leela makes up a story about the sindoor. But, Anita senses something wrong and will try to find it out.

Twinkle And Kunj Celebrate Lohri

The Sarna family will celebrate Lohri with a lot of fun and gaiety. Twinkle and Kunj will be very happy to celebrate their first Lohri after marriage. Kunj dances around the bonfire with Twinkle.

Anita Creates Trouble

The entire family will be seen celebrating Lohri happily. However, Anita will plan to ruin their happiness. She conspires against Leela and Twinkle.

Anita To Slap Leela?

Anita comes and raises her hand to slap Leela. She accuses her of having an extra marital affair. Everyone present in the celebrations, stay amazed.


Hearing Leela's words, Twinkle comes forward to support her mother and also stops Anita from slapping Leela. Anita tells Twinkle that if she doesn't believe her words, then she should go to Leela's house and see the man hiding there.

Twinkle's father assures Leela that he won't let Twinkle know about him. Leela helps him to get up and takes him to her room. She opens the door for Twinkle. They hug each other and Twinkle asks her why she was not opening the door.

Leela said she was asleep and so couldn't hear the bell ring. Twinkle says that she will stay there for the night. She tells Leela that she would be worried about her and so would like to stay with her and take care of her.

Leela disapproves of Twinkle's idea and asks her to leave. Twinkle says that she can never disobey her mom and therefore, leaves. Back in her room, Leela gives some medicine to her husband and asks him to get well soon, andleave from there.

He says that he will leave rightaway. Leela tells him that he is very sick and it would be inappropriate to leave the house. She requests him to stay back till he gets fine. She also clarified that she did this for him and for the sake of humanity and nothing else.

The next morning Twinkle and Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) share some romantic moments together as Twinkle mistakenly falls on Kunj. Twinkle comes to Leela's house to invite her for Lohri. Anita notices sindoor on Leela's forehead and questions her about it. Leela is shocked. Anita smells something fishy going on.

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