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Tashan-e-Ishq: OMG! Yuvi's Next Move Is Dangerous!

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Tashan-e-Ishq, recently saw a lot of hustle and bustle with Yuvi kidnapping Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin). Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) was successful in saving her from Yuvi's trap.

In the last episode we saw that Kunj was upset about his career. He wants to do an MBA. Twinkle motivates him to take the right step and go on with his dreams. The Principal at the university rejects Kunj's form saying that the admission dates are over.

Twinkle and Kunj

We will soon witness love in the air, for Twinkle and Kunj. The couple will be seen romancing each other. Kunj plans for a surprise to make Twinkle happy.

Candlelight Dinner

Kunj takes Twinkle out on a candlelight dinner to divert her mind from the recent issues. Both of them will spend some quality time, drowned in love!


Yuvi manages to escape from the police and leaves the country. Anita helps Yuvi in escaping. She arranges for a ship. Yuvi absconds.

Yuvi Returns Back

Kunj and Twinkle will be seen enjoying some lone time. However, Yuvi will not accept defeat so easily. . He will get back to ruin Twinkle and Kunj's peace.

Yuvi's Master Plan

Twinkle and Kunj's happiness will not see the daylight for long, as they will be disturbed by Yuvi again. Yuvi plans something big to snatch Twinkle from Kunj.

Yuvi Plans To Kill Kunj

Yuvi, teamed up with his cruel mother, will again try to destroy Twinkle and Kunj. He will plan to kill Kunj and his family. He would plan for a big explosion to kill Kunj!

He does not listen to Kunj's constant pleas. Twinkle comes to Kunj's rescue. She plots a drama, where she is a pregnant lady with 3 kids already, and ready to welcome the fourth one.

She makes the Principal emotional saying that if he doesn't help Kunj then she has to work overtime and that the entire family would be poor, adding to the country's poverty. The Principal is moved by the drama and agrees to give admission to Kunj.

Kunj scolds Twinkle for interfering in his life. Twinkle gets irritated and leaves. In the parking lot, the Principal again meets Kunj and Twinkle. He tells Kunj that he is really lucky to have such a caring wife.

Kunj laughs at it. Back in their house, Raman and Leela are happy that Kunj got admission. Pinni ridicules the idea. Kunj mocks at Twinkle calling her self-obsessed. Twinkle calls herself a talented and the most beautiful girl.

Kunj says Leela Taneja is the most beautiful lady. Twinkle smiles and agrees. Twinkle asks him to start driving. She thinks that despite her efforts to get Kunj admitted to the college, he doesn't appreciate her.

In the upcoming episode we will see Cherry pulling Kunj's leg about going to college. Kunj asks him to behave well. Also, Kunj arranges a dinner date with Twinkle to make her feel better. Yuvi is expected to come back!

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