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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera: 10th December Written Episode

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Veer Ki Ardaas Veera starts with Surjeet Singh asking Ratan and Ranveer for more money as he has increased the amount of interest to be paid to him. He tells them that Ranveer had signed on the bond and he has to pay more money for it and if he is unable to do it in the coming three years, the land will automatically be owned by Surjeet Singh.

Both Ranveer and Ratan are shocked with this attempt of Surjeet Singh and Ratan tells him that he has cheated on them and she shouts over them. Ranveer asks for more time and Surjeet Singh agrees to give him two more weeks to pay the total amount.

Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Ratan breaks down and tells that her own land is going away from her. Ranveer promises her that she need not worry as he will get the land back from him as soon as possible.

Gunjan and Veera are seen talking to each other. Gunjan asks Veera if she has any boyfriend. Veera refuses and tells her that she is not interested in all this and she had gone to the city just to study. Gunjan then tells her that she is just seeking opportunity to leave the village and get out of this village. As soon as Gunjan and Veera reach near Veera's house, they see that Veera's bike has been damaged and it is again Baldev who has done it. Gunjan catches hold of a guy and tells him to repair the bike for him.

Ranveer and Ratan come back home and Veera tells them in excitement that she has surprises for both of them. Ratan is getting irritated of the whole scene and finally lands up scolding Veera. The duppata given by Veera falls on the floor and Ratan walks away from them. Veera is immensely hurt, but hides it with her smile.

Veera tells Ranveer and Chaiji that she is not hurt and is fine. Ranveer asks him what has she got for him and Veera surprises him with a pair of new shoes. They all sit for dinner and Chaiji tells Ranveer to call Ratan too for dinner. Veera stops Ranveer and tells him that she will go and give the food to Ratan in her room.

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