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Madhubala: 8th January Written Episode; RK's Birthday Celebrations

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th January written Episode: RK follows the voice and sees Madhu. The lights come on and he sees a cake. The family has planned a surprise birthday celebration for RK. He cuts the cake and Bittu and Madhu inform RK that they have arranged a birthday party later in the day and the theme is “Children party”. Bhujang see KRK burning pictures of himself and questions him. He says he is removing his identity. Bhujang says that he will send KRK to live RK’s life and not to worry. KRK says he is sceptical about Madhu as she is very smart.

The preparations for RK’s birthday is on. Radha and Pabho leave for the orphanage. Madhu gets RK ready for the theme by putting the attire of a child and bottle in the neck. RK asks Madhu whether the orphanage kids are coming. Madhu says yes and offers to do a facial for RK. RK and Madhu have a romantic moment. Whilst the facial, RK tells he wants something and will tell her in the evening. Bhujang gets the tattoo done for KRK after a lot of attempts.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

The party is on and RK is embarrassed in his costume. He shares some fun moments with Sikky, Bittu and Madhu. Bhujang tells KRK that he has sent money to his mom and asks him whether he checked the CCTV footage which Kuku sent. The orphanage kids come and RK is about to wish when a magician comes with the real cake. Bhujang is in the party dressed as a waiter. Bittu introduces Sudeep Tarkar a famous magician who is set to conduct magic tricks. After having fun with everyone, he tells Madhu that he heard that she wants RK to disappear. RK tells Madhu that what Madhu guessed was right and he wants a new member in the family and he has the greatest gift of Madhu with him. The magician tells RK enter in the magic box and Bhujang is looking on and Madhu is nervous.

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