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MAKING VIDEO: Ever Wondered How Rana Daggubati Fought The Bull In Baahubali?

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With around 5000 VFX shots, 90 percent of Baahubali The Beginning is comprised of visual effects and no wonder it has received the greatest applause national wide and stood tall as the representation of Indian cinema in the International arena.

Since VFX break down of films is always interesting to watch, Baahubali team has come up with an idea to give us an insight into how some of these VFX heavy scenes were actually filmed in Baahubali. Check out the slides below to see the VFX break down of the bull-fight episode in Baahubali, in pictures and we also have the making video to further surprise you.

Bull Fight

Isn't it shocking to know Rana Daggubati emoted so well like he is actually fighting a heavy bull, while he is in fact facing a model.


It is more shocking for us that the team actually had a strong person fighting with Rana, instead of a bull, to get the things right.


Imagine the vision one must have to conceive something like this. VFX is truly a blessing to the film makers like Rajamouli.


Apart from Rana, Sathyaraj also had gone through the experience.


After seeing all the detailing done, we think the success of the film is more deserving for the team and for the kind of hard work they have put in.

Making Video

And here is the video, do come back for more interesting updates about Baahubali.

If you remember (of course all of us do) the bull-fight of Rana Daggubati, which marks the introduction of his character Bhallaledeva in the film, we sure you would have wondered how the scene was actually shot, because we are one among you. 

For the fact that Baahubali is first of its kind on Indian cinema, it is still receiving the thumping response, even after months of its release and we are still talking about the film, waiting eagerly for its second installment, Baahubali The Conclusion. Thanks to the visionary, Rajamouli, who deserves the first hand credit and secondly his amazingly talented team for putting it together. 

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