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    Madhuri: I want to do good films

    By Super Admin

    By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Madhuri Dixit is glowing. She's in Mumbai after a long break, with her two baby boys, three-year old Arin and year-old Ryan.

    Hubby Dr Shriram Nene, will soon be joining them and the family picture will be complete. A chat with the beautiful actress on her plans here:

    Is it true that you are doing a Yash Raj film?

    Yes but everything is at the discussions stage. It's too early to talk about it. Only once everything is finalised, will I be able to talk about it.

    You want to do films full- time now?

    I can't be doing plenty of films as my babies are still very small. But yes, I would definitely like to do at least a couple of good films with good makers.

    Will you be staying back in India to shoot?

    No, that's not possible. A lot of films are shot abroad so I am looking at films that could be shot in the USA or something that could be shot in one schedule. Nowadays, there are lots of films that are shot there. I am here for two months out of which 15 days have already gone.

    What kind of roles are you looking at?

    I want to do something challenging roles. It will mean time away from my babies so it has to excite me enough. Also the maker should feel inspired to work with me to do a subject they feel suits me. They should also want to work with me. I haven't watched a single Hindi film in the last two years as its time consuming to look after two small children. Now my kids have settled down I have decided to take up acting again, and have fun!

    Your performance at the Filmfare was awesome.

    The reaction has been amazing! When I was asked to perform, I was very apprehensive. By the time I went on stage I was having palpitations. Then they announced my name and I went on... and I kept hearing the 'oohs!' and 'aahs!' of the audience. I finally settled in. When I met up with everybody it was just like meeting up with my family once again. I have grown up with these people.... The last time I danced it was for Dola re but you know what? Dancing is like swimming or cycling and you can never forget it. Of course, Sarojji (Khan) was there and helped me a lot.

    You performed despite having flu.

    At the awards night when I was feeling unwell, Ash (Aishwarya Rai) did something so sweet. I was touched. She sent some ginger tea over for me as she knows I like it and it's good for my cold.

    Did your children accompany you?

    No, they stayed back home with my parents and best friend. They are too young to go for an event like this. You know, the strangest thing happened.... My younger son didn't recognise me with my make-up on when I reached home. They haven't seen me with this much make-up on in USA, so it was a first. The older one was laughing when he saw me with heavy make-up and ghaghra and Ryan just looked blankly at me. He didn't come to me as he couldn't understand who I was.

    How are your babies liking Mumbai?

    Now, they are loving it. Initially they were not used to the pollution and dust and they both got sick and suffered from colds and coughs. But now that they have recovered they have settled in - so many people walking in and out of home - they love that.

    They must be missing their dad a lot.

    Yes, they are both missing Ram very much, especially Arin. He's so used to my husband that when he's upset he keeps asking, 'Where's daddy? I want him'. Ram is also missing us a lot. He told me he's missing us so much that he's plastered the entire home with our photographs so that he sees us everywhere. Ram will be joining us in Mumbai shortly.

    Till then?

    I am missing him too. I am so used to depending on Ram for everything, all my decisions that I don't know what to of course I am dependent on my parents for everything. They are so much more responsible than me that's it's natural for me to leave everything to them.

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