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Rohit Shetty on <i>Golmaal</i>

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By: Reshma Kelkar, IndiaFM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rohit Shetty's film Golmaal that released just this week has been received very well by the audiences. His last release Zameen was an action movie but comedy was something that Rohit always wanted to attempt. Though Zameen was his first directorial debut, he started much before as an assistant director of Kukku Kohli. Also not many might be aware that Rohit Shetty is the son of the popular character artist of the 70's - 'Action Shetty' who used to play negative roles was also an action director.

Rohit took his lessons on filmmaking since he was a child. Talking about his school he says, "I was in St. Mary's High School, Kalina at Santacruz. I was an average student in school. History was one of my favorite subjects but I was bad in Mathematics and Science. From my childhood itself I was passionate about films. I never thought of anything else except films. I can still remember my science teacher who said when I was in 9th standard that you will not do anything except films. Go in films and earn money."

When asked, how he was as a child, he quips, "I was a naughty child. I still remember that during the prayers I was dancing a tune and I was caught. I was made to kneel down in the staff room for a day. But I was happy because I didn't have to study that day." Undoubtedly, his funny side has been revealed through his comic flick Golmaal. "Once I carried my daddy's wig. It was a big wig. When my Vice Principal entered, I thought my friend is coming and I tried to scare him. And again a whole day I was out." He reminisces.

However, Rohit left his school when he was just 15 years old. And when his friends joined college for further studies, Rohit enrolled himself to Kukku Kohli's college. He says, "I just went to him directly. I used to watch lot of movies then and at the same time I had a similar atmosphere at home. I used to accompany my dad on shoots and I was always happy with the fact that my dad is an action director as all my friends used to get scared of him. I was firm on my decision that I want to be a director and I started working on it. Though I was not taken seriously that time, they appreciated my willingness and my dedication towards my work."

Rohit's mother, however, was against his decision of turning towards films but he was firm. "My mother was not happy with my decision. And like every mother she wanted me to complete my education but I convinced her. I explained to her that if I want to be a director in future then let me start now. I am really happy the way things are going. It was fun to work with Kukku Kohli so I don't regret for not completing my education. If I would have completed my education I would have been a bank officer." he adds.

He says, "I followed my dreams and I would like youngsters to choose what they believe in. Though I am not that successful and still struggling but that's what I believe in. Parents should support their kids. I still remember this once when Veeru Devgan had told me that if you are honest with your work, work will be honest with you."

When asked about his association with actor Ajay Devgan he says, "I met Ajay when I was assisting Kukku Kohli during Phool Aur Kante. Then we did Suhaag and Haqeeqat. When Ajay started his own company, I joined him. We did Hindustan Ki Kasam and then Raju Chacha. The professional relationship turned into friendship and now Ajay is like a brother to me. Similarly his father Veeruji and my dad were very good friends (both were action directors). So it's an old connection actually." 

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