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Jonny Lever jury on TV laughter show... Contd

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Why are you being seen so less in films now-a-days?
See, there was a time when I has to and did many films, but now I feel I should cut down to doing limited and good roles which suit me at this age. Actually, I was getting stereotype with my characters. I cannot possible play the friend of an actor who is 20 years old. So I just want to earn my livelihood now and live with dignity.

So which films are you doing at present?
I have 5-6 good roles currently. I cannot remember the names of the film, but one is being made by music director Shravan, one by Abbas Mastan. I have a role in 'Race' and another is a suspense film which is being made in Hindi and Telegu.

What do you look for while signing a film?
See, everything is important in a film. The film's script, its banner and all, but I also pay attention to my character. I see how much scope I will get with the character that has been offered to me. To tell you frankly, there have been very few directors who have offered my too much liberty with the character. I'm still in the look out for a director who I can exploit rather than being continuously exploited by them. Most use my fame for their benefit.

How has been the journey so far for you?
I was a literal labourer and used to do cleaning and petty works. I used to get to do a few shows here and there and always looked to saving a few hundred rupees. But I worked hard and had faith in myself and see I have got what I deserved. So the journey has been up hill to me, but I remember my roots and thank God for all that he has bestowed on me. I have struggled a lot and have learnt a lot whether from stage shows or films or as a judge. I'm happy that I m being able to give out social messages through my performances and people appreciate it.


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