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"I loved Chak De India" : Sajid Khan

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sajid Khans directorial debut will surely be the talk of the town, says the director. With Akshay, Ritesh and Fardeen giving their best shots at comedy again its bound to set the audience on a laughing roll. Sajid Khan answered all the queries of the fans. Here are some excerpts from the chat:

Pokiri : hi Sajid
Sajid Khan : hi there

priyal : was it hard to film heyy baby with the baby playing up
Sajid Khan : hey priyal, it was very difficult as she was a six month old baby

Pokiri : when will u direct Salman Khan?
Sajid Khan: when I have the right subject for him

Mr. T : Hi Sajid....this is terry from dubai......which of the 3 actors do u think is really funny..???
Sajid Khan: well all three of them have performed way beyond my expectations and u'll see a little of me in all of them

priyal : was the baby a good baby or did it cry a lot during filming?
Sajid Khan: she made all of us cry. LOL!

GAURAV JOSHI: What is difficult to act or to direct ??
Sajid Khan: to direct 10 times more difficult

Fenil Seta : Hey Sajid this is FENIL. Is your movie inspired from the gujarati play 'Baabo Aavyo Courier Maa' which also had a similar storyline?

Sajid Khan : my film is not inspired from any movie, play or a tv show. my film is original, when u see it u will know
priyal : do you come to london a lot? i live in london
Sajid Khan : i love london

richmich : Hey sajid,I am a gr8 fan of urs since ur ikke pe ikka days.My fav actress is Amrita Rao and will be watching Hey baby just coz of her and coz u r the director but plz I request u to take her as ur lead heroine in ur next film.Plz,will u?
Sajid Khan : i promise u i will

lola : How has the shooting experience been for hey baby
Sajid Khan : it was great b'coz i was surrounded with friends, but tiring bcoz my producer and my friend mr. sajid nadiawala entrusted me with such a big budget film. so it was very tiring for me and my team as we worked 18 hrs a day.

Charla : Hello Sajid, what do you like to do better, being a director or being on stage doing stand-up comedy?
Sajid Khan : i enjoy both although the latter is far more easier for me

vignesh : does srk feature in any of the scene in ur movie
Sajid Khan : srk is part of the mast kalandar song in the film

niqbalin dubai : this is nadeem khan from dubai i want u to direct some serious role for salman khan
Sajid Khan : nadeem, why dont u write a script for salman, if its good, i'll take it to him

saket : what made you switch over to direction?
Sajid Khan : i guess it was gradual move saket. although i will not give up tv n stage

saucy : is hey baby a sex comedy?can it be seen wid family?
Sajid Khan : dear saucy, i dont like sex comedy, its a complete family film

pakshal : wat are your upcoming projects?
Sajid Khan : dear pakshal, i am writing my next script at the same time working on a couple of new television shows which i am hosting

anirban : were there any complications during the film?
Sajid Khan : filmmaking by itself is very complicated

Charla : congratulations on you singing debut, the song mast kalander really rocks!!!!
Sajid Khan : thanks charla, the whole blame goes to shankar ehsaan loy

pakshal : sajid bhai i m ur greatest fan
Sajid Khan : thanks pakshal n i am urs

vignesh : are you acting in the movie
Sajid Khan : no, fortunately for the viewers, i decided to stay out of this one!

pakshal : what wer the prime locations of the film?
Sajid Khan : gold coast, brisbane, sydney, delhi, jaipur and mumbai

pakshal : were there memorable moments during the making?
Sajid Khan : the climax

pakshal : your going to be a mama soon any plans for the new addition in the family
Sajid Khan : i am very happy that i am going to be a mama soon

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