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"I have no friends, only fans"... Contd.

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Chaos : have you watched other abbas-mastan movies? if so then how would u compare Naqaab with them?
Urvashi Sharma : i hv seen their movies. they always come up with something new, better n interesting so cant compare

bd : do you have any kiss scenes in the movie.
Urvashi Sharma : u hv to watch the film for that

shaan : what do u think of akshaye in gandhi my father?
Urvashi Sharma : he s great
Urvashi Sharma : one of his best performance

rohit : do u have a personal website?
Urvashi Sharma : not yet

lover : is it gud experience to work wid most senior actors of industry?
Urvashi Sharma : yes of course

shaan : I like ur expression when u say "You are mentally sick"
Urvashi Sharma : thank u

moses sapir : naqab ki music its once of pritams best till date u agree??
Urvashi Sharma : yea i agree with u. hes very talented n always comes up with something new. the music of Naqaab is very fresh n new

aowas : r u political?
Urvashi Sharma : im correct

Nitesh : wud u like acting in a kjo flick?
Urvashi Sharma : of course

Ravi : r u on orkut?
Urvashi Sharma : no

Chaos : hrithik or john?
Urvashi Sharma : both

Masooma : do u feel a sence of competition with other leading model turned actresses
Urvashi Sharma : no not at all. im different

shaan : Iam from dubai and in dubai tomorrow Naqaab is releasing
Urvashi Sharma : hello. how r u. hope u r doing fine n u will watch Naqaabv

celina : I loved u in the doorie video I thought u were a pakistani model?
Urvashi Sharma : im an indian n hv quite versatile face. thank u so much

deea : do u have any idea of the advance that Naqaab has received?
Urvashi Sharma : no

Himani : do you believe in Friday the 13th ?
Urvashi Sharma : i was born 13th so its a lucky day

Urvashi Sharma : ok guys. gotta rush for a shoot. bye for now. do watch Naqaab, releasing on the 13th.

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