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Whoa! Troll Lord Rishi Kapoor Fights With People Even In Twitter DMs!

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Rishi Kapoor is arguably the most entertaining Bollywood celebrity on Twitter who really loves to pull other people's/celeb's legs just for fun and he's so good at it. Nobody dares to poke fun at Rishi online as he's capable of dragging that person out in the open and trolling him/her. He enjoys all of that and it comes so naturally to him.

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He does not even spare politicians and trolls them mercilessely. Fearlessness is what Rishi Kapoor's Twitter handle is made of and it is now reported that the veteran actor not only speaks his mind through posts, he also fights back by 'direct messaging' people who abuse him online

Rishi Kapoor

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Several users have shared screenshots of Rishi Kapoor direct messaging them with abusive words just because they made fun of him. In his defence, Rishi came clean by telling HT, "They are the ones who are abusing me and taking advantage of my situation. The way I have stopped entertaining them is that I go to them and teach them a lesson and come back. They are nonsensical people. They are the ones who are following me. Only if they are following me, can I go to them and send them a direct message. You can't bloody follow me and abuse me and you think I will keep quiet. I won't leave these guys. You will lose being a friend of mine. These people think they can get away with anything. They think they are smart a**es."

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Rishi Kapoor also said that other celebrities must follow the same route and said, "Anyone does this, go to their DMs, screw the s**t out of them and block them. These are youngsters who get cheap thrills by abusing celebrities." Whoa! So there you go folks. Nobody can mess with Rishi Kapoor online as in his own words he concluded by saying, I am the "guy who enters the eye of the storm and takes the bull by the horn". Of course, follow Rishi Kapoor and enjoy his tweets and trolls but don't abuse him. Just sit back and enjoy! We're sure you'll love all that he says as it's so hilarious.

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