Sai Tamhankar On Bhakshak, “I Feel Dignified, Blessed And Proud”

Sai Bhakshak 1

It is a rare feat for an actor to simultaneously dominate both the silver screen and the digital realm. Sai Tamhankar, however, finds herself in this enviable position with her Marathi film 'Sridevi Prasanna' captivating cinema audiences while her Netflix release 'Bhakshak' asserts its dominance in the thriving OTT space. Sai's dual success underscores her versatility as an actor and her ability to connect with audiences across different platforms.

'Bhakshak,' a gripping crime thriller, has not only secured a prominent position in Netflix India's top films but has also earned the coveted rank of number one. For Sai, being a part of this project is not just a professional milestone but a profound experience of contributing to a narrative that needed to be told.

"When you make a film, you don't really know or cannot predict its fate or how people are going to respond to it. But every time you attempt something different as an actor, you feel the energy. 'Bhakshak' was one of those projects. While shooting, we felt that we wanted to say something important," Sai shares.

The movie, which sees Sai portraying a no-nonsense SSP officer alongside Bhumi Pednekar's character, a fearless journalist, delves into the disturbing reality of rampant child abuse in a shelter home in Bihar. Sai emphasizes the significance of using cinema as a medium to initiate crucial conversations and shed light on pressing social issues.

"After the movie release, I felt the same energy and emotions from the audience who appreciated the conversation that we wanted to start through 'Bhakshak.' At least, we awakened something within us that had either been lost or forgotten, and the audience resonated with that. It is very rare for an actor to be a part of projects that go beyond box office collections. I feel dignified, blessed and proud," she adds.

"Sometimes, when you attempt things for the first time or try to break barriers, you are looked down upon by others. Films like 'Bhakshak' help regain that dignity. I feel blessed and on top of the world because my Marathi film is also doing very well in theatres, and this one is also breaking walls in the OTT space," Sai concludes.

Sai Tamhankar's success with 'Sridevi Prasanna' and 'Bhakshak' exemplifies her prowess as an actor who seamlessly transitions between cinema and OTT space, cementing her status as an accomplished performer and a force to be reckoned with.


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