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OMG Oh My God: Movie Review

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Still from Oh My God
The existence of God has been an intriguing theme that has occupied the minds of the philosophers for decades now. Yet, we have no answer if actually the almighty exists or not. In a nation like ours, where the mythology is one of the richest elements of our culture, actors Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar have come up with the theme of divine comedy OMG Oh My God, which deals with the issues of atheism and the existence of the almighty. OMG Oh My God is a very unusual and interesting take on God that released today.

What is the story all about?

The movie is a hilarious story of an atheist Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal), who runs an antique shop. He buys old idols of God and other religious idols, which he usually sells as 'antique' idols at double or triple prices, and sometimes even 10 times its original price. This offends many godmen, who curses him. Kanjibhai suffers loss in his business, following a natural calamity. It is then, Kanji decides to file a case against God on the premise that if God is responsible for his loss, it is God's responsibility to compensate him for his losses.

OMG Oh My God is not an usual slapstick comedy that would make you laugh or giggle mindlessly. The movie conveys a strong social message, which is depicted through a comedy drama. In a nation like India, where a major chunk of the population has been God fearing for decades, a movie that carries such a bold and controversial theme, is indeed a bravado attempt. The best thing in the movie are those well-thought, intelligent dialogues that runs parallelly at par with some stellar performances.


Paresh Rawal, being one of the finest comedians of the recent times, does an outstanding job in the movie. You will love him as a 'naastik' Kanjibhai. His amazing comic timing and natural dialogue delivery is a treat to watch. Akshay Kumar is complete surprise package in the movie. Akki plays the part of Lord Krishna, who descends on the earth to meet Rawal. Akshay is brilliant. From his rough khiladi avatar to his calm and suave look as 'Lord Krishna' makes us believe in Akki's versatality. Mithun Chakraborty's "broken hand act" needs a standing ovation.

What we loved the most about the movie?

The movie comes up with an unique and brilliant concept that makes us come face to face with the reality of our daily life. OMG Oh My God exposes the dark truth behind the 'paakhandi babas' and fake godmen, who fool their devotees with some moneymaking gimmicks, devised in the name of God. The movie impresses us with its sensitive take on devotion. A big hats off to the director Umesh Shukla, who presented such a great piece with his gutsy attempt of entering in a sensitive territory.

Negatives: The much-talked about Prabhu Deva, Sonakshi Sinha's item song 'Go Go Govinda' was rather irritating, than interesting. It was more a forced thing in such a beautiful movie.


Watch it out if you believe in genuine and clean concept rather than any mindless entertainment. It makes you believe that temple is not the Almighty's home, he exists everywhere, in everyone. So, love all, think good and do good.

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