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Sadda Adda – Movie Review

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Sadda Adda, directed by Muazzam Beg is a novel attempt to narrate the story of six youngsters who face problems in realising their goal. Sadda Adda tries to communicate to its audience that the only block which comes in the way of realising your dream is you yourself.

Sadda Adda, unlike most films picks up pace only in the second half. The last 20 minutes of the movie is the most gripping and heart rendering moments of all. Sadda Adda also ends on a positive note.

The youngsters, especially teenagers, who have been away from their home most of their life can easily relate to the messy state of the house of the six bachelors and their thought process.

Dialogues are extremely funny and easy to relate to. Sadda Adda also boasts of some excellent cinematography and crisp editing. After listening to the songs of Sadda Adda, you might wonder why the songs haven't been hyped that much. The song 'Sarphira' keeps the momentum of the film intact. The title track 'Sadda Adda' is very good too as it depicts the way the six young guys live their life.


Muazzam Beg has managed to extract the best performances from all his actors. Karanvir Sharma is outstanding and so is Bhaumik Sampat. He is so natural that you cannot help but admire him. Rohin Robert, Rohitt Arora, Kunal Pant, Parimal Aloke and others do a good job as well.


Sadda Adda is a tale of six friends who are also room mates. They have all come to Delhi in search of opportunities that they could not find in their home towns.

Irfan (Bhaumik Sampat), Kabir (Kunal Pant), Sameer (Karanvir Sharma), Safal (Parimal Aloke), Jogi (Rohitt Arora) and Rajat (Rohin Robert) live together in a two BHK apartment in a middle class society in Delhi. They call the colony 'Sadda Adda'.

The youngsters have a 'dont-care' attitude. Over a period, the guys are presented with many situations that decide their future.

Saada Adda is a brilliant attempt and a must see. However, not having any big star cast and the lack of any major promotion or hype might go against its' favour. If Sadda Adda has to work, it has to be merely by word of mouth.

Director: Muazzam Beg
Cast: Bhaumik Sampat, Karanvir Sharma, Parimal Aloke, Rohin Robert, Rohit K Arora, Kunal Pant

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