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LOOK! With & Without Make-up Pictures Of The Kardashians

Posted By: Chaitra
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The word 'Kardashians' alone is enough to make the fans of the reality show family go head over heels mad about them. While the majority of people around the globe literally worship them for their beauty, you need to look at these with and without makeup pictures of the Kardashians!

Everything they do is considered extremely sexy; be it them leaving their shorts unbuttoned consciously or cropping the children off their selfies. Maybe now the family is associated with many other things besides their show, but the story of their rise to fame is something else.

Some of us might wonder, what exactly about these Kardashians helped them achieve fame and stardom to this extent. Maybe we aren't sure of all of them, but while talking about celebrities who deserve least fame, we told you what earned Kim her stardom.

One of the most talked about topic with regard to the Kardashians is their eternal beauty. They come across to be just too perfect to the common people. Many crazy fans around the globe have spent Millions and gone through extremely painful cosmetic surgeries to resemble the Kardashians.

What these poor people fail to realize is, that it isn't the cosmetic surgeries alone that make the these ladies look so pretty, but it is also the tons of makeup and a lot of photoshop that enhance their beauty. For instance Kim Kardashian's recent nude picture in the desert.

The reality star at many occasions has spoken about positive body image and feeling comfortable in one's skin, but she was highly criticized for editing her picture to make her thighs look more slender and her stomach more toned.

Besides the photoshop, the enormous amount of makeup also make these not so pretty ladies look extremely beautiful. Don't fall for the sans make-up pictures posted on their Instagram accounts. Look at these with and without make-up pictures of the Kardashians to know the actual truth:

Kim Kardashian

Even Kim's face isn't perfect without makeup. Her zit marks stand out and the dark circles just wouldn't disappear by themselves.

Khloe Kardashian

Only this picture successfully shows Khloe Kardashian's real beauty. She wouldn't look so even while working out and covered with sweat.

Kourtney Kardashian

The mother of three has always kept her makeup lesser compared to her sisters. But the difference between with and without makeup face is still huge.

Kylie Jenner

We are sure as to how Kylie's sans make-up selfies on Instagram don't make her look like this. Some makeup definitely goes behind every sans make-up selfies.

Kendall Jenner

For some reason, Kendall has always kept it real. She seems to be the only one who uses makeup to look a little better and not entirely different unlike her sisters.

Kris Jenner

As the saying goes, "Like Mother, Like Daughters". This picture totally explains where the girls learned the magic of makeup from.

Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce definitely looked way beautiful even without the makeup. But, it is hard to be a lady and not get addicted to makeup if you belong to the Kardashian family. No wonder Caitlyn is sailing in the same boat as the other ladies.

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