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Find Out All About The Famous Hollywood Celebrity Feuds Here!

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Rivalries are common among people and generally people grow out of it. But, there are some feuds that are scarred forever that it never dries out, and always is a burning issue for both the parties involved.

A lot of celebrities have had both on-screen and off screen feuds that have stayed for many decades, and some are known for picking fights with other celebrities just because they can't keep mum!.

Here's the list of unlikely actors who had some intolerance against one another, the nitty gritty bits of the feuds, here's a rundown of epic celebrity feuds that went down in hollywood spectacularly.

1. Tom Cruise vs Brooke Shields

Let's start with the impossible man,Tom Crise. This incident happened when he was running wild in 2005, he mocked about the Brooke Shields' depression after she had her childbirth. He took to the media and said that psychiatry is a joke and that Sheilds is least bothered about how she dealt with her depression. Later he apologized by sending Sheilds, Baby gifts.

2. Jennifer Aniston vs Bill O'Reilly

The FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston made an innocent quote saying that women don't need to entirely rely on a man to have a child, while promoting her film The Switch. Bill O'Reilly took to his show to trash Jennifer on her quotes to say that she was sending a wrong message to young girls all over America that they don't need a guy, a dad to take care of them.

3. Will Smith vs Janet Hubert

This media thrashing of one another, is simply for no reason. Janet Hubert has reported said that I Am Legend actor Will Smith is the reason behind her replacement in the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith bombarded her on Atlanta radio show by saying that she wanted the show to be titled The Aunt Viv of Bel Air Show. Hubert still holds her grudge and on the recent interview about the rumours of reunion of the show, she said that she would never be a part of it, as Smith was an egomaniac and hasn't grown up!.

4. Charlie Sheen vs Chuck Lorre

When these two men met on the sets of Two and a Half men, it was all good and beautiful, until Sheen had to get himself checked into a private rehab which cost the hit sitcom show dearly. When Chuck the creator of the show casually joked about Sheen's health, Sheen went all crazy over Lorre's insensitivity and blasted him on TMZ. He said that Chuck Lorre was a 'stupid little man' and was fired from the show, and was later replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

5. Daniel Craig vs The Kardashians

The blue eyed actor was so annoyed with the Kardashian family, he chose some fancy words to express his thoughts on a monthly magazine. In it he said that the Kardashians became rich by behaving like idiots in front of the camera. He said it to point out that how closely the personal and professional lives of celebrities are interrelated.

Celebrities are like models to most of their fans, and when they vent it out on social media or take it to any sort of media; their fans who are involved in the lives of celebrities, also get involved. This bitter feuds between celebrities have turned many people against one another and their feuds over the celebrity is absolutely insane to watch.

Nowadays, celebrities are trying their best to not get caught in the nasty side of the world wide web. Almost all celebrities have come to an understanding that such petty feuds only leave a stain in their reputation and are willing to avoid such feuds henceforth.

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