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Actors Who Have Surprisingly Never Won An Oscar or Emmy!

Written By: Chaitra
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Though, Hollywood has extremely talented actors, not all are appreciated for their contributions. Here are the actors who have never won an Oscar or Emmy!

Lately, many famous faces from Hollywood are voicing their opinion about Oscars biased in terms of the actors nominated. Many stars haven't even been nominated, let alone winning the Academy Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Needless to say, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood who has not won an Oscar yet.

Johnny Depp

It would come as a shock to all the Pirates of the Caribbean fans, but Johnny Depp has never won an Oscar. He's been nominated twice, though.

Steve Carell

He became a very famous personality through his show The Office. But, the actor couldn't bag an Emmy for his role.

Will Smith

Will Smith was only nominated twice for Academy Awards in all these years. He is yet to win an Oscar.

Brad Pitt

Yes, Brad Pitt is one of those actors who has never won an Oscar.

Marilyn Monroe

Even the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe never won Oscar. They say, her sex symbol charms were too much for the Academy to handle.

Harrison Ford

It is a shame that an veteran actor like Harrison Ford hasn't won an Oscar.

Tom Cruise

Shocking much? Tom Cruise, despite being one of the most talented and efficient actors, has taken home an Oscar.

Courteney Cox

The entire cast of the show Friends has been nominated for Emmy at least once. But, Courteney hasn't ever been nominated or won an Emmy.

Robert Downey Jr

The actor Robert Downey Jr might have won heart of millions of fans, but never won an Oscars.

Samuel L. Jackson

The actor was nominated for his brilliant acting in the movie Pulp Fiction. Unfortunately, he's never won an Oscar.

Hugh Laurie

Everybody who has watched the show House MD would be madly in love with Hugh Laurie. But, he was never awarded for his role with an Emmy.

The above list is shocking and surprising, isn't it? For years, many of these actors have been ruling the showbiz industry, but, haven't ever been rewarded for their talent.

Though, there is a lot of uproar with regard to Oscars all white nominations this year, it is clearly seen how there are many other issues prevalent withing the Academy Awards besides racism.

For instance, the ratio of the male actors who have never won an Oscar or an Emmy is more than that of female actors'.

There is a pattern observed in the nominations and winners. Either, the male actors are seldom recognized, or the once that are chosen belong to non-colored skin category.

It is rather a shame that such talents go unnoticed despite giving their best shot in every single scene they work on. Just sit back and think, what that it actually take to win an award?

When Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee announced that they would boycott Academy Awards 2016 due to lack of diversity, the president of Oscars herself addressed the issue.

The industry has been promised that henceforth, they will make sure that actors from every race and category will be equally recognized.

What about actors like Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp? They don't belong to the colored skin category, yet they have never won the award.

Only time and action can tell us if these issues which have been prevalent in Hollywood for years will be resolved.

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