Hakuhodo's New Venture, Trigger Happy Studios, To Transform Global Storytelling

Hakuhodo has launched Trigger Happy Studios, aimed at revolutionizing storytelling across films and digital platforms. With a focus on global distribution and partnerships, the studio seeks to engage audiences worldwide through innovative narratives.

Hakuhodos New Venture

Trigger Happy Studios: The New Horizon in Content Production

In a significant development within the entertainment marketing sector, global advertising giant Hakuhodo has unveiled its latest venture, Trigger Happy Studios, following the acquisition of the marketing agency MATH. Positioned as a Content Production studio, Trigger Happy Studios is set to make waves across films, digital, and various other mediums. With an impressive collection of live action and anime Intellectual Properties (IPs), coupled with a global distribution network and partnerships with entertainment agencies worldwide, this new studio is geared towards changing the landscape of storytelling.

Trigger Happy Studios is not just about producing content; it aims to redefine the process by marketing and distributing feature films, digital content, and international co-productions across an array of platforms and markets. The studio's strategy is to harness the global prowess of Hakuhodo and its rich expertise in the entertainment network to entertain and engage audiences like never before. By partnering with creative talents across languages and regions, particularly in India, Trigger Happy Studios is poised to extend its reach and influence in the entertainment world.

Amit Chandrra, the CEO of Trigger Happy Studios, shared his vision for the studio, emphasizing its dedication to authenticity and creativity in storytelling. "Our mission is to nurture an environment where stories and storytellers thrive, propelled by genuine human experiences and a true commitment to creativity," he remarked. This vision is supported by a desire to craft narratives that not only captivate but also deeply connect with audiences, enriching lives and sparking imaginations in the process.

Highlighting the strategic significance of this initiative, Kosuke Kataoka, Managing Director of Hakuhodo India and Director of Trigger Happy Studios, expressed enthusiasm about exploring new frontiers in content creation. "Our vision with Trigger Happy Studios is to cater to diverse audiences with engaging content, particularly within the vibrant domain of Indian cinema. We are eager to leverage our strengths to bring innovative storytelling and unforgettable experiences to audiences," Kataoka stated.

Jigyasa Sharma, the Studio Head of Trigger Happy Studios, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the studio's passion for storytelling. "We are driven by the aim to create narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Through creativity, we are set to push the boundaries of storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on our audiences. We are excited about crafting stories that not only inspire but also entertain," Sharma said.

With the launch of Trigger Happy Studios, Hakuhodo is set to blend its global strengths with a deep understanding of regional narratives, aiming to break barriers in storytelling and entertain global audiences. This move signifies a promising future for content creation, where stories from diverse cultures and regions can find a universal platform, resonating with audiences across the globe.

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