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      Sandalwood feels heat of World Cup 2011


      Kannada film industry was affected by cricket matches in the past. Especially the IPL T20 and Cricket World Cup have always been a nightmare to the industry. Now, the World Cup 2011 is a taking its toll on Sandalwood. Many film producers are in the state of shock and trying to release their movies before it the cricket match starts.

      Cricket has become a new religion in India and at least 50% Indian population will be busy watching cricket matches till its end. Now, World Cup 2011 is scheduled to start tomorrow (19th Feb) and will be played till April 2. So this cricket fever will last for 43 days. Very few movie buffs will go to theatres to watch movies during this period and this will cause a big loss to the producers.

      In recent months, Kannada film industry is recovering from the failure of movies. Now, World Cup 2011 has come as a curse to the industry when it has just started facing success. Moreover, most of the multiplexes will screen cricket matches, which is another big blow to the industry. Many producers find it hard to get enough number of theatres to screen their movies.

      The World Cup fever, which has already built up, has lead the industry to bulk releases. Five Kannada movies like Veera Bahu, 5 Idiots, Naavu Nam Hendthiru, Aptha and Take It Easy were slated to release this weekend (18th February). But KFCC interfered and deferred the release of Aptha and Take It Easy, which would hit the screens next week.

      According to the guidelines of the KFCC, only two to three Kannada films have to be released a week. The KFCC has appointed a conciliatory board to look into this queue system and streamline the release of films. But the threat of suffering loss by these cricket matches has forced many filmmakers to release their films in bulk to recover at least their investments.

      Earlier, movies like Gun, Prince, Rajdhani and Sanju Weds Geetha were slated to release on 25th Feb. With the postponing of Aptha and Take It Easy to next week, two more movies are added to the list. Now, KFCC is in a trapped situation because Prince, Rajdhani and Sanu Weds Geetha have been delayed for long time. These are big budget movies and delaying them further would lead the producers of these films to suffer loss. Now, the question is whether the KFCC will find a proper solution to save these producers.

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