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Success is temporary: Sandalwood Bachchan Sudeep

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Exclusive: Sudeep speaks about Bachchan
In an earlier interview with us, you had mentioned that you are finally getting what you deserved after a long struggle. Now, it seems like you are unstoppable and you are getting your much-deserved appreciation.
I have faced a long stretch of hurdles to reach where I am today. It took me a long time to hear this from people. It will end someday. It is just a momentary thing. See, the beauty of happiness is that we always tend to think that we will never be unhappy again. So, I don't want to get carried away by this temporary phase in my life. I will work hard to sustain it as much as possible. Every hero becomes boring one day. There will be a time for you to say 'bye'. It is just that if you can understand this logic, it becomes easy for you to let go off such temporary phases in life.

After missing out on two earlier seasons, you lifted the CCL trophy this year...
We struggled and put our best efforts in all three seasons. We had given our heart out and played well. Unfortunately, we lost in both the finals and luck was not in our favour. So, we challenged luck in the third season. I want to see whether the luck will win or me... I didn't want to be lucky! This year, we won all the matches by big margins and the only match which we lost was also a closely played contest. We were drilled when we had lost two finals...as though we did something illegal and were treated like traitors. Some people created a lot of fuss over it. It is simply because a couple of people were not playing in the team. And I don't understand, will it not make a Kannada industry or Kannada team if a couple of players were not part of team? We didn't stop anybody from coming. But I have gone to the extent of going to their houses to call them. Yet, when they didn't turn up, I was disappointed.

I have some self-respect and people should understand that. We lost in two finals and we were given more publicity. This year we won and nobody even bothered to ask us how it happened. We have not even been offered a cup of coffee and not been called anywhere. Nobody has noticed and nothing has been written. I often feel that acknowledgements goes only to a few segment of people. But that's okay. I just take it as a pleasure as I won it for my state.

Will you accept to be the host in the Telugu version of Bigg Boss if offered?
I cannot accept it because I am not fluent in Telugu. I could react or reply instantly in Kannada, but it will not be the same in Telugu. I don't have the hold over the language.

When success comes, people change. It is hard for many to keep their feet on ground when they start getting popularity. But it is different in your case as you are more approachable than before.
I am available if the way I am approached is correct. It is very simple. Why do people find fault only from my side? They could also be in the wrong end. Isn't it? Maybe the way they were approaching was wrong. You have my number, you text me, I will call you back. But you text to a wrong person and put the blame on me. When you can reach me when I am successful, I don't understand why I am not reachable when I am not doing great. That is the time I am more approachable.

You are working with SS Rajamouli's film again.
I am doing a small character in SS Rajamouli's forthcoming Bahubali. Why small character? It is always a pleasure to go there and work with him and I can't say no to him.

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