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      Pancharangi - Movie Review

      By By: Shekhar H Hooli

      In an interview to, actress Nidhi Subbaiah had said, "Director Yogaraj Bhat is a magician. He doesn't make movies, but creates magic on screen." I strongly feel that it is true after watching his latest movie Pancharangi. The film has a very simple story. Yet the director has managed to create a wonder out of nothing. Once again, he has proved that he is different from all other Sandalwood directors. Hats of to the innovative filmmaker!!!

      Pancharangi is a humourous love story. The highlight of the film are Diganth's humourous acting, Nidhi Subbaiah's facial expressions, Raju Talikote's comedy timing, Mano Murthy's music, Yogarj Bhat's dialogues and screenplay, Mayuri Upadhyaya's choreography, V Thyagarajan's camera work, beautiful locations of coastal area so on and so forth. It has lots plus points to talk about, but has very less to dwell on demerits.

      The film has very simple storyline, but with his gripping narration, director Yogarj Bhat throws light on various aspects of life such as parents, friends, goals, success, failure, love, marriage, kids. It is all about a lazy boy's lazy love story. Along with his parents he goes to see a girl for his brother. But the girl's cousin falls to his humourous nature.

      A special mention should be made about the dialogues. They are the first hero of the film. Although they are very witty and humourous, every single dialogue deals with philosophy of life. They are meaning full and have lot of punch in them. They engage the audience's mind in such a way that they will not understand how the first half gets over. In the second half, romantic scenes between Diganth and Nidhi linger the audience's mind.

      The story revolves around a lazy boy (Diganth). He is doing his post graduation in philosophy. Lonce with his parents (Sundar Raj and Sudha Belawadi), he goes to see a girl (Ramya Barna) for his brother (Pavan Kumar), who is a software professional in US. Panchakshari, a marriage broker (Raju Talikote), mediates both the families. While his parents are a busy with seeing the girl, this wayward guy meets girl's cousin Ambika (Nidhi Subbaiah), who is a naughty and tomboyish kind of a girl. Seeing his humourous nature, she falls in love with him. Whether they will unite or not will form the climax of the movie.

      Diganth appears totally in a new and different get up. He has shown lot of maturity in his performance. Although one can see a shred of Jaggesh/Ganesh's acting, his acting has lot of originality and individuality. His strange mannerism and natural dialogue delivery are the highlights of the show. Actress Nidhi Subbaiah has also done magic through her acting. She has lot of scope in the film and she has used it to prove her mettle. Through her facial expressions, she surely wins the heart of pranksters. Raju Talikote's performance is another highlight of the show. With his north Karnataka dialect, he rocks the show. Other artistes have also delivered wonderful acting.

      The film is full of rich production values. Main highlight is Mano Murthy's music. Two of his compositions like title track 'Are Re Pancharangi...' and 'Udisuve...' are really melodious. V Thyagarajan's camera work has also added colour to the show. Especially in the songs, he has captured the coastal area in a beautiful way. Mayuri Upadhyaya's choreography, costume and art directions are commendable.

      The title Pancharangi means five colours and the director has made it clear at the beginning of the film that these five colours represent 5 aspects of life. The film is not out of loopholes, but they are ignorable. Although the film is totally an original creation, it might remind the audience of Bollywood Blockbuster movie Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun. Overall, it is a complete family entertainer and It is another trendsetter movie from Yogaraj Bhat. Audience will not get enough of it just watching it once.

      Please don't miss the movie.

      Producer: Yogaraj Bhat

      Director: Yogaraj Bhat

      Cast: Diganth, Nidhi Subbaiah, Priyanka Trivedi, Ananth Nag, Raju Talikote, Pavan Kumar, Sunder Raj, Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Ramya Barna

      Music: Mano Murthy

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