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      Abhimanyu (Jai Hind 2) Review: Movie With Social Message


      The impact of celluloid on the mind of a viewer can never be underestimated. Our mind tends to perceive strongly what we see through our eyes. Impressionable minds sometimes have life changing experience due to what they see on the big screen. Hence an impetus to push ideas of social reforms through movies always remain. Abhimanyu is one such attempt of actor/director Arjun Sarja.

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      Abhimanyu is one of the most ambitious projects of Action King Arjun Sarja. Directing a Kannada movie for the first time, Arjun Sarja has attempted to amalgamate the social issue of reforms in education system into an entertainment movie. The actor had fought the terrorists in the Tamil movie Jai Hind, here the actor fights the corruption that plagues the education sector. The actor has simultaneously made Abhimanyu in Telugu and Tamil and titled it Jai Hind 2.

      Unable to bear the cost of a child's education a poor family commits suicide. The flashback begins. Abhimanyu (Arjun Sarja) is a karate instructor. A man with a good heart, he dreams of reforming the corrupt education system in the country. But the corrupt never relent easily. He soon realizes that the bringing a paradigm shift in the education sector is easier dreamt than done.

      While the protagonist goes on with his mission, he soon realizes that the ground underneath is shrinking. Entangled in the web of evils of corruption and malice, he fights hard to what he feels in right. Abhimanyu had failed to escape the 'Chakravyuha' in the timeless epic Mahabharata. The Abhimanyu in the movie however finds himself in a different kind of a maze. How Abhimanyu escape the Chakravyuha this time makes up the rest of the story.

      Apart from directing and acting in the movie, Arjun Sarja has written the scrip, screenplay, and the dialogues for the movie. His success lies in bringing a strong social message to fast paced entertainment movie. At the age of 52, the actor shows that he is the real action king of Sandalwood. Actress Surveen Chawla plays a more sedated character. She brings the emotions to this testosterone driven action movie.

      The first half of the movie has impressed the viewers. The second half is roller coaster ride as the protagonist goes after the bad guys responsible for the decaying health of the education sector. With a good background score and impressive action sequence, the mass audience will get their money's worth.

      Abhimanyu is a movie that will entertain you and leave you pondering about the mess our education system is in. Truly a movie for the mass and the class. Definitely a must watch.

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