Ponniyin Selvan 1 Day 4 Box Office Collection: Steps Into The Weekdays With Great Numbers


    Ponniyin Selvan 1 has been moving ahead with a successful box office run. The film grossed over Rs. 200 Crore on its opening weekend.


    The film's net All India collection was about Rs. 110 Crore for the first three days. Early estimates for the fourth day suggest a net of about Rs. 20 Crore in India.

    Day 1: Rs. 36.5 Crore
    Day 2: Rs. 34.5 Crore
    Day 3: Rs. 39 Crore
    Day 4: Rs. 20 Crore (Estimated)

    Ponniyin Selvan 1 follows the journey of Vandhiyathevan, the prince of the Vaanar Clan. Deprived of the ancestry land and reign, he is a soldier in the Crown Prince's army. Karthi plays Vandhiyathevan and fits the flirty, funny, and fierce character that he is playing. Vikram plays Crown Prince Aditha Karikalan, who is an eccentric and wounded warrior with a heartbreak he is trying to forget.


    The royal siblings of the Chola kingdom in the tenth century, form some of the primary characters of the story. Karikalan is the eldest and he has a sister named Kundhavai, and a brother named Arulmozhi. Kundhavai is as political and shrewd as they get, and she has a say in everything that happens in the kingdom. Arulmozhi goes on to become the legendary Raja Raja Chola, in his later years.

    Another primary character of the story is Nandhini. She is the wife of the most influential political personality in the kingdom next to the king and the princes. The story keeps us guessing what her ulterior motives are, and she is often at odds with the princess. The two women share a rivalry that forms the essence of the story.

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