Palakkattu Madhavan (Palakkad Madhavan) Movie Review: A Trademark Vivek Special!


    After Naan Than Bala, Vivek is back on the big screen as a hero. But his new movie Palakkattu Madhavan(Palakkad Madhavan) is nothing like his previous heroic venture. Read our Palakkattu Madhavan review to know what the movie has to offer.

    Palakkattu Madhavan Plot:

    Vivek and Sonia Agarwal are a married couple working in the same company. Like any middle class family, they carefully chart out their monthly expenditure to lead a peaceful life.

    Trouble brews when Vivek develops a inferiority complex as his wife earns more than what he does. As a result of his worries, he decides to quit his job in an attempt to seek another which might pay him more than Sonia's salary. In spite of all his efforts he doesn't find the job he desires for.

    As he comes across an advertisement which promises to pay ₹25000 per month for those who can adopt an elderly person from an old age home, he chooses to adopt a woman, played by 'Chemmeen' Sheela, as ₹25000 is higher than his wife's salary.

    But things do not go according to his plans once he adopts Sheela and at one stage he is forced to give up on his newly adopted mother.

    Will Vivek realize the contribution of an elderly person to a family or will he drive Sheela out of his house forms the crux of the story which has been narrated with abundance of comedy.


    Vivek and Sonia have shone throughout the film. Vivek with his witty dialogues intertwined with social messages has done what he usually does best.

    Seeing Sonia as a responsible house wife and a mother of two is refreshing and this movie could well be the beginning of her second innings in Kollywood.

    Sheela, in an important role has delivered the goods, which is expected from an experience actress. Supporting cast which includes a bunch of comedians have failed to evoke laughter throughout like what Vivek has managed to achieve.


    Direction and screenplay by M Chandramohan is not out of the ordinary but manages to keep you hooked for most part of the film, especially in the second half. Director's efforts to pass on a social message through his movie is praiseworthy but it also appears clichéd.

    Editor K Rajagopal could've used his scissors in a more convincing fashion as Palakkattu Madhavan suffers from a lot of unwanted scenes.

    Cinematography by KS Selvaraj is below par. The only positive in the technical department comes from music director Srikanth Deva. His background score supports the scenes played on screen and has also produced a couple of foot-tapping songs.

    Overall View:

    Overall, Palakkattu Madhavan is a treat if you are a fan of Vivek's dialogues which comes with his usual social messages. The film also makes you laugh and think at the same time, a trademark Vivek special.

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