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Was Raju’s jibe on Adhikari Bros premeditated?

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The best thing about being a comedian is that you can settle scores with a foe by mere humorous jibe. It may not hurt the concerned person much, but the message surely is passed on.

Sri Adhikari Brothers and Raju Srivastav are not enemies but they surely have had their disputes in the past. Adhikari Brothers were livid with Raju Srivastav for breaching his contract by secretly participating in 'Bigg Boss 3" last year. According to them, Srivastav had signed as a mascot for their music channel Masti. As per the contract, Srivastav was locked for fixed number of days for his Masti commitments.

The matter was taken to the court whilst Srivastav was still in Bigg Boss house. Adhikari"s demand to have Raju ousted from the show didn"t find merit in the court, which ruled in Srivastav"s favor. However, Raju was shortly evicted from Bigg Boss once this controversy broke out. Back then, it was murmured that Srivastav wasn"t evicted, but he himself opted out of 'Bigg Boss" fearing any backlash from Adhikari brothers.

Well, that was then, but Srivastav is the leading face of Masti that launched on Tuesday. All disputes were forgotten as Raju set himself up to entertain the media. However, as expected, Srivastav repeated his silly jokes on Gabbar Singh, Naga babas, and he even took credit for a popular SMS joke. The only time he attracted attention, and a few laughs, was during his jokes on the owners, Gautam and Markand Adhikari.

“One day I saw Gautam looking keenly into a glass filled with ice. When he was asked about the reason for doing so, Gautam replied, 'I"m just wondering how is water pouring from the ice?"", so said Srivastav about Gautam Adhikari.

As for Markand, Srivastav joked that he does very good casting, especially of girls. The comedian also mocked at the brothers by saying that they now pay his cheques on time; the only problem though is that while the amount is written, but it takes time to get them signed.

Looks like Srivastav was here to make a point, and he did so wonderfully. However, the artist won"t be smiling at all, if Adhikari brothers fail to sign his cheque.

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