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Bigg Boss 7: All Guys Speed-Date Sofia Hayat; Sofia Asks Sangram For A Kiss On Lips!

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Bigg Boss 7's Monday episode is going to see weekly nominations as usual and also the nominations for the next captain too is going to take place. Along with this what is going to entertain us most is to see Sofia Hayat going on a speed-date with all the guys in the house. Also, what is going to shock most is when Sofia Hayat demands Sangram give him a kiss on the lips!

Yes, you read it right, Sofia Hayat is asked to go on a speed-date with the guys in the house, Sangram Singh, Armaan Kohli, Ajaz Khan and VJ Andy. Everyone knows until this but, what no one knows except Sofia is that she is asked to be rude to two suitors and repel the other two.

During this process she would decide to repel Sangram and Ajaz and comes up with the best way to make Sangram run the other way. She demands Sangram to give her a kiss on the lips! Sangram, being the shy down-to-earth person would try his best to escape from the scene as expected.

Today's episode will put four more contestants in the hot spot and they will try their best to win the votes from the viewers to survive this week's eliminations.

Ajaz Khan Comes With A Gift

Ajaz Khan would come to date Sofia with a gift. He would bring a teddy bear to impress her.

Ajaz Tries His Best

Ajaz Khan would try his best but Sofia has other plans.


Andy comes next to Sofia Hayat.

Sofia With Andy

Sofia and Andy have the London connection and they hit it off pretty good from the day one.

Armaan Kohli

Armaan Kohli comes next. He would try his level best to woo and impress Sofia too.

Sangram With Flowers

Sangram comes on the date with white flowers.

Shy Sangram

Shy Sangram tries his best on the date. But Sofia does all the work for him.

Touchy Sofia

Sofia very soon gets touchy with Sangram, who is very shy.

Sofia On High

Sofia, who would have decided before hand to repel Sangram would pretend to be too enthusiastic.

Place Demands

Sofia would hug Sangram and make him uncomfortable. She then asks him to kiss her on the lips just once.

Even Forces

Sofia even tries to kiss him. Sangram tries his best for an escape route.

Sangram In Danger Zone

Sofia whose intention is to repel Sangram tries her best to kiss him.

What Would Happen?

Would Sofia manage to get a kiss from Sangram? Sangram has a beautiful girlfriend, Payal, outside doesn't he? Will she be watching this episode?

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