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Bigg Boss 7: Hell-Mates Print Money To Get Rich Or Die Trying!

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Bigg Boss 7 has inmates both from Heaven and Hell made to deal with serious issues in the house other than pairing up and plotting stuff. This time Bigg Boss has made the inmates deal with money! Hell-mates have to make money and buy their necessities from Heaven-mates, whilst, they get to charge for food and water as they wish. But Hell-mates have decided to get rich or die trying!

Bigg Boss has named the task, 'aamdani athani kharcha rupaiya', where the Hell-mates have to make money, literally print money and buy food, water to drink and hot water to bath too. Also, the first 500 notes they print has to be given to the Heaven-mates as a safe deposit since they will be acting as a bank.

Once they have given the deposit, the Hell-mates can start earning for themselves. Heaven-mates have another liberty in this task, they get to price the necessities as they wish. By the end of this task, who ever is the richest will be declared the winner.

Hell-mates are seen being serious with this task and are being pretty stingy in spending money. They have decided to do anything to keep Heaven-mates from getting any richer.

Heaven-mates, who had priced food and water pretty high, were taken aback when Hell-mates refused to buy anything and decided to live on fruits and protein shakes. Heaven-mates came down a step to even reduce their prices, but by then the Hell and Heaven-mates had started their argument and there was not turning back. We will have to wait and watch how the inmates resolve this issue... or not!


Hell-mates are hell bent on making as much money as they can make in this task.

Working Hard

The Hell-mates are working as much as they can to get rich.

Hell-Mates Hell-Bent

Hell-mates are hell-bent on not spending money. They even are eating fruits and drinking protein drinks to skip food.


The debate between Hell and Heaven-mates on the prices.


Heaven and Hell-mates are arguing about the prices they have placed on food and water.

Heaven Mates Unreasonable?

Hell-mates have decided to spend as less money as they can and save as much to get rich. Heaven-mates, who had priced food and water pretty high, came down a step and reduced their cost.

Gauhar Is Given A Secret Task

Gauhar from Hell has been given a secret task to steal the deposit money from the safe in Heaven.

Gauhar Found The Safe Empty

Gauhar Khan found the safe in Heaven empty.

Armaan Punished

Armaan accepts to take the punishment for the stunt he and the other guys did. Though he was little romantic about it in the beginning saying he did this for Tanisha, as time passed he was seen getting agitated.

Kamya, The Captain

Kamya, the captain in the house with Andy.

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