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Bigg Boss 7: Monday Nominations With Handcuffs; Ajaz, Sofia, Tanisha, Elli, Andy In Danger!

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Bigg Boss 7's Monday eliminations this week had handcuffed inmates nominating three contestants to enter elimination process. Bigg Boss nominated Ajaz, and Kamya nominated Andy to enter eliminations directly.

The handcuffed pairs, Sangram-Ajaz, Armaan-Andy, Sofia-Elli, Gauhar-Tanisha had to spend the entire day together. The pairing was custom made to bring up fights and arguments. Kamya was an exception since she is the captain of the house this week, so no one could nominate her name.

Bigg Boss called each pair inside and asked them to nominate three names:

Sangram and Ajaz nominated Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee and Sofia Hayat.
Armaan and Andy nominated Sofia Hayat, Gauhar Khan and Elli Avram.
Sofia and Elli nominated Tanisha, Andy and Sofia.
Gauhar and Tanisha nominated Sofia, Elli and Sangram Singh.
Bigg Boss nominated Ajaz Khan, and Captain Kamya nominated Andy to enter eliminations.

So, Ajaz, Andy, Sofia, Tanisha and Elli have entered nominations this week. We will have to wait till Saturday to see who gets eliminated this week.

Keeping nomination aside and coming back to the politics and backbiting in the house, Ajaz brought up a fresh new-old issue about what Armaan had spoken about Ajaz Khan. With less than ten inmates in the house right now, it looks like they are resorting to bring out every little dirty detail about others to get attention and maybe some votes.

Armaan And Andy

Armaan and Andy during the nomination process.


Andy and Armaan, two inmates who can't stand each other got handcuffed together.

Tanisha And Gauhar

Tanisha and Gauhar spent the entire day handcuffed to each other.

Elli And Sofia

Elli and Sofia named themselves Bigg Boss sister.

Gauhar And Tanisha

Gauhar and Tanisha were quite amicable during the nomination process.

Sangram And Ajaz

Sangram and Ajaz spent their day together. They exchanged some gyan between each other.

BB Sisters

Elli Avram and Sofia Hayat dressed like each other to look similar, and they did manage to look it.

Kareena And Imran

Kareena and Imran were on Bigg Boss to promote their film Gori Tere Pyaar Main.

Salman, Imran And Kareena

Salman Khan, Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor on Bigg Boss stage.

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