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Bigg Boss 7's Contestant Tanisha Insecure, Says Armaan Kohli; Sofia Slams Ajaz!

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Bigg Boss 7's Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee's love story has been one of the most interesting and most complicated love stories ever in any previous seasons of Bigg Boss show. Armaan, the extremely short tempered guy, falls for the sweet girl from famous family, Tanisha Mukherjee. After the honeymoon period, the actual issues are surfacing. Armaan called Tanisha insecure in the previous episode.

Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee hit it off very early on the show. They started like any other new couple, all sweet and touchy and trying to impress each other and so on. As time passed, Armaan's short tempered behaviour, which was exclusive for others in the house, these days is often aimed at Tanisha too.

Many viewers, including Salman Khan, have been expressing their concern regarding Tanisha's behaviour in the house. Tanisha has been accepting Armaan a little too much, even after being the target of his rude words time and again.

Armaan and Tanisha's love-on, love-off story has been the topic of interest for many off late. Armaan is seen saying lines like, "This friendship is nothing to me, you (Tanisha) don't mean anything to me anymore, abe chal chal, I don't want to deal with your negativity right now," and many more such rude comments. But Tanisha still sticks to him after listening to all these. In one such instance, Tanisha is not well and Armaan sitting next to her says, "I don't want to deal with your insecurities. Don't throw your negativity at me."

Even after all these, Tanisha is seen romancing Armaan during the Commando task. See the photos of them romancing in the slide show.

Also, Sofia stands up for all the women, who get sleazy remarks from men, and slam Ajaz Khan for his comments about her.

Armaan And Tanisha's Argument

Armaan and Tanisha get into another argument with each other.

Armaan Says She Is...

Armaan continues to say that Tanisha is insecure and he does not want to deal with it.

Tanisha Says...

Tanisha says, she is not insecure but Armaan hardly listens to her.

Armaan With Tanisha

Armaan with Tanisha during the commando task. Andy got stuck between the love-birds.

Love On

Armaan and Tanisha have a very fluctuating love story. They are in love one day and not another.

General Elli

Bigg Boss would ask Elli Avram to step down from the general post.


Commandos listening to Bigg Boss when the announcement to nominate a new general was made.

Kamya Elected

Armaan was the first person who would nominate Kamya as the new general.

Rude Kamya

Kamya, who returns after the kidnapping, is seen being very rude.

Armaan Angry

Armaan would get upset when Kamya would start to push them a little too much.

Sofia To Ajaz

Sofia, who had been upset with Ajaz Khan for his previous behaviour, looses her temper this time and yells at him.

Elli And Ajaz Punished

Elli Avram and Ajaz Khan seems to be punished for some reason.

Ajaz Passed Comments?

We will get to know in today's episode what comment Ajaz passed that made Sofia so angry.

Kamya Fights With Gauhar

Kamya turns her attention to Gauhar. She would blame her for not getting her back from the kidnappers.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar gets into an argument with Kamya when she said Gauhar let her down as a friend.

Gauhar And Tanisha

Gauhar and Tanisha have never been able to gel well with each other.

Kamya Too Rude?

Kamya is given a secret task to be more strict and harsh with the commandos, but they don't know about this.

Gauhar Pushed

Gauhar would be very upset when Kamya would continue to push her.

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