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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 5th May; Abhay Killed By Raju!

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th May written episode: Raju empties a whole bottle of alcohol into Abhay’s throat. He even misbehaves with Madhu when she tries to stop him. He takes Abhay into a room and sets a death trap for him, so that after he leaves, whoever will open the door, a cord will be pulled and Abhay will be strangled to death.

Madhu calls the police. Raju tells the inspector that Abhay is trying to commit suicide. The inspector rushes to the room and as he opens the door, Abhay is strangled to death.

Raju blackmails the officer saying that as he has opened the door, he will be responsible for Abhay’s death; so, he has to write a false report that Abhay has committed suicide, to save himself.

Raju consoles Dolly saying that as Abhay targeted his life, he had to save himself. Any one of them had to die. He insists that she should go back to her native place and look after Bebe.

Madhu complains to her God that she wanted Raju’s life, but not at the cost of someone’s death. He wanted her husband back, not a murderer! Raju comes to the room and hears this. He says that he is not a murderer. He also declares that Raju has died along with Abhay. So, Madhu should never name Raju again. He claims himself to be Raja.

Madhu insists that Raja should confess his crime in the court. She thinks that he will get apology as Abhay tortured him a lot and tried to kill him. He declines and says that he does not care for any court.

Raju Abuses Abhay

Raju would abuse Abhay for treating him and Madhu badly.

Raju Gets Abhay Drunk

Raju would get Abhay drunk forcefully for having got him drunk previously.

Raju - Madhu

When Madhu tries to stop Raju, he would ask her to stay silent and not try to get on top of his head.

Raju's Trick To Kill Abhay

Raju would then get Abhay tied in such a way that wehn someone opens the door he would die.

Abhay Pleads

Abhay would plead Raju to not do this.

Police Arrive

It will be police who open the door which will kill Abhay.

Madhu Shocked

Madhu along with others would be shocked to see Abhay dead.

Raju Frames It

Raju would then frame it so it will be declared a suicide.

Abhay Dead

Thus ends Abhay's role on the show.


When Madhu would ask Raju to confess to the police, he would refuse and says his name is Raja.

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