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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:Ishaani Saves Ranveer; Loses RV To Ritika;RV Announces Marriage With Ritika!

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We have good as well as bad news for all Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi lovers. Well, the good news is that Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) do not die and Ishaani saves RV from drowning.

The bad news is, Ishaani signs on divorce papers and free Ranveer, who confirms his marriage with Ritika (Smriti Khanna). This is what the latest spoilers say. Sad, but yeah! Don't worry, audiences will witness high drama here too as Ritika's marriage preparations have just started and is not married yet!

In the previous episode, we saw how Ishaani enters Vaghela house again with the help of women organisation. Amba, who gets helpless in front of them, had to accept Ishaani as they were about to insult Amba by applying black to her face.

Ishaani somehow enters the house, but RV is still angry on her and her works. He is not able to believe Ishaani's single word as he is hurt to that extent. Ishaani will try and make him understand how cruel Ritika is and she wants to save her from him.

Frustrated RV doesn't listen to Ishaani and moves out of the house, giving Ishaani a clue that he would die. Ishaani follows him and tries to stop him from jumping from the bridge, but fails.

Before jumping RV tells Ishaani that he had signed all property papers in Ritika's name and now Ishaani will be left alone and will live a widow's life.

Seeing RV drown, Ishaani too jump into the water to save him. While the family members gets the news of two dead bodies found near the waterbody, but it won't be Ishveer's.

Ishaani and RV reach home and the former signs on divorce paper seeing the former's anger towards her. She lose RV to Ritika as RV announces his marriage with Ritika.


Ishaani tries to make Ranveer understand after getting entry to RV's house with the help of women organisation, but in vain.


RV gets frustrated with his life and Ishaani's interference. He decides to end up his life by jumping into water. Though Ishaani tries to convince him, he will be in no mood to listen.


Seeing RV getting drowned, Ishaani too jumps into water to save RV.

RV's Dad

Ranveer's dad receives a call from police saying they found two dead bodies near waterbody and that could be of Ishaani and RV's.

Ishaani Packs Her Bags

Ishaani packs her bag and leaves losing RV to Ritika. She also sign divorce papers.


Ranveer announces his marriage with Ritika, who is very happy as her sacrifices didn't go waste.


Ritika stops Ishaani and asks her to attend their marriage. She also tries to make Ishaani feel jealous, during her mehendi ceremony by asking Amba to get it ready.

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