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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Oh No, Not Again! Ishaani Starts Her Drama Of Hating Ranveer

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Ishaani's (Radhika Madan) never ending drama of loving and hating Ranveer (Shakti Arora) starts again in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Ishaani will be seen saying that she loves Chirag and not RV. As we all know, Ishaani will be doing this to save RV. But what's shocking is, she will start charging RV and blame him for killing Chirag.

RV and Ishaani's mother Falguni are shocked with Ishaani's allegation. Though they force her to say the truth, Ishaani will be adamant on her stand and starts hurting RV. She makes a wrong statement by saying that RV hit Chirag badly and killed him, though he was pleading him to save his life.

RV, who is upset with Baa's complaints on his parents, try to bail them out. He takes Ritika's help to seek lawyer. But the lawyer too is helpless as the case was strong and their parents will only be saved if the FIR is taken back.

Ritika, who broke up her marriage with Sharman, is shattered as her father Javeri gets unwell. His father gets shock because of his daughter's back to back failed relationships. He will be admitted to ICU and his condition will be critical. In the upcoming episode, Javeri will die. Ritika will be left alone as Sharman breaks marriage and doesn't accept that he is father of her baby.

Also, in the upcoming episode, Ishaani will be seen blaming RV's parents. She stands with Baa's complaint and says that RV's parents ill-treated her. This makes RV go out of control. Though he will not be believing Ishaani, her non-stop hurting will ruin her married relationship.


Parul calls Ranveer to tell about their parents getting arrested and badly hit.


RV is hurt to see Amba and Baba in pain. Amba wishes if RV had married Ritika, they would not have seen this day.


Baa makes wrong allegations and files FIR against RV's parents in a bid to extract money as alimony. She says that RV's parents ill-treated Ishaani.


Falguni gets Amba's statements recorded. Baa in a bid to take revenge on Amba had made wrong allegations on her.


Ritika calls his friend and asks them to send lawyer to help RV. Ritika is shattered as her father in critical and is admitted in ICU. In the upcoming episode, Javeri will soon die, leaving Ritika alone.


RV gets his lawyer, but he is helpless to save RV's parents as he feels the case is strong.


Falguni gives the Baa's recording to the police. Right then Ishaani comes to the station.


Ishaani starts blaming RV for killing Chirag. She also adds that she doesn't love him but loved Chirag. She hurts RV badly. Police gets the information of Chirag's death and arrest RV.


Police may get the proofs that Ishaani had left in the murder spot and may arrest her. And for blaming RV, she might get severe punishment. May be this is Ishaani's intention behind blaming RV.

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