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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Milan In Love With Ishaani; Plans To Kill Ranveer!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Milan has finally fallen in love with Ishaani (Radhika Madan), and wants her in his life at any cost. Milan hates Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and his family and is all set to destroy them.

On the other hand, Milan and Ishaani bring the person, who met with an accident because of Manas, home (unaware of the person being RV).

Ishaani gets positive vibes whenever she goes to RV, and shares her problem with him. Ranveer silently listens to her, while he feels good and his health gets better in Ishaani's presence.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Milan Hurts Ranveer & Shoots Himself In Front Of Ishaani - Pics

In the previous episode, Milan had asked Ishaani to wear the dress for Manas and Parul's sangeet. He gets a short dress, thinking Ishaani will start hating RV now. But instead, for RV's happiness, she wears the dress.

Seeing Ishaani in the dress he had given, Milan asks her ‘why did she wear it when she was against wearing such kind of dresses?' and that she should hate him for gifting such dresses, while Ishaani tells him that, whatever may be the case, she will never hate RV in her life.

Hearing Ishaani's words Milan is impressed. Milan says that he loves Ishaani but hate RV's family. Milan will be seen creating a scene during Manas and Parul's sangeet.

Disha, who is against this marriage, asks the Gujrati Samaj elders to look into the issue as RV is forcing Manas and Parul to get married. The elders agree to Disha and asks Milan about the same, who lashes at them.

The elders get irked with Milan's attitude and decides to leave the event, but Milan stops them. Milan gets the girls and dance in front of the family, which annoys everyone. Sharman tries to stop Milan but end up fighting with him.

Ishaani Stops Sharman-Milan Fight

When Manas, Amba and Baa try to stop him, Milan raises his voice and almost slaps Sharman. But at the right time Ishaani comes to Sharman's rescue.

Ishaani Hurt

Ishaani will in turn, slap Milan in front of everyone. Ishaani's instant action will disturb her, and she will run to RV.


Ishaani tells him that she is upset with RV's behaviour and slapped him for the first time in front of elders and guests. She feels guilty. On the other hand, RV tries to convince her by touching her hand.

Angry Milan

Angry Milan asks everyone to leave the function. Baa tries to speak to Milan, but in vain. Baa is surprised that Milan disrespected her for the first time.

Milan Loves Ishaani

In the upcoming episode, Milan will plan to kill Ranveer to get his luxuries, and Ishaani. He tells him that he loves Ishaani and wants her in his life.


Milan is attracted to Ishaani and finally falls in love with her as he feels none in his life cared and loved him like she did. And now, Milan wants Ishaani in her life and for this, he has to kill RV.

Milan Shoots Himself!

Milan plans to kill Ranveer. But according to the new promo, he ends up shooting himself.


Will Milan die? Is this the end of Milan's story? Will Milan haunt Ishaani and RV even after his death? Stay locked to this space to get more updates on the show...

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