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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer Planning To Surprise Ishaani, But Sharman To Spoil It?

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ishaani (Radhika Madhan) are struggling to express their love towards each other. Both are in confusion that they love someone else. While Ishaani thinks RV loves Ritika, RV believes Ishaani loves Chirag.

Both RV and Ishaani have been staying in different rooms, although RV got to know about Ishaani's innocence. Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) doubts about this and asks Ishaani the same. Ishaani says she wants to give RV some time to get adjusted. Ishaani also clarifies about the matter of love and feelings with Falguni, who gives big and impressive lecture!

Falguni wishes lots of happiness and love for Ishaani this coming birthday, which is tomorrow. While she leaves, Ishaani senses RV near the door and opens. Both again struggle to say, and when they speak out, some or the other person disturb them. They again end up not speaking to each other.

Ishaani's brothers and Parul try to prepare cake for Ishaani's birthday. They make fun of each other and even blame when the cake recipe end up a disaster. Ritika joins them and goes to Sharman, who is standing silently in the corner. He is angry that she lied to him last night.

Ritika asks them to prepare the cake with the simple recipe that she gives and leaves to meet RV. She is upset that she lied to Sharman and want to stop misunderstanding soon. She asks RV if he spoke to Ishaani about his love, but disappointed to know that he didn't. RV then says that he is planning the surprise which he told her.

Ritika is happy to know that finally RV and Ishaani will get together. When they both hug Sharman calls Ishaani and shows her the proof of RV-Ritika are more than friends.

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Ishaani shares her confusion indirectly with her mother Falguni. Falguni wishes her lot of love and happiness on her birthday, which is tomorrow.

RV-Ishaani Try To Speak

RV and Ishaani try to speak to each other but then RV gets a call, and then a servant says Punit is waiting for him.

Ritika Goes To Lawyer

Ishaani goes to lawyer and says she wants to divorce RV as she wants to free him. She even asks him to change all clause, and since RV had done lot to her family, she doesn't want any alimony.

Ishaani’s Brothers-Disha-Parul

Ishaani's brothers, Disha and Parul have fun preparing cake in the kitchen. They want to surprise Ishaani with the cake on her birthday, but end up spoiling the cake.

Amba Interferes

Amba interferes and ask not to spoil the kitchen. She even ask them to go out and not to prepare any cake.


Baa and Amba get into argument saying it's Ishaani's house too and they can do anything they want to as Ishaani has not yet divorced.


Ritika asks Sharman why he didn't call her yesterday. But Sharman is still angry on Ritika as she lied to him and having relation with RV.


Ritika insists RV to take initiative and speak to Ishaani about his love. He then says he will surprise Ishaani on her birthday.

Sharman-Ishaani; Ritika-RV

Ritika is happy and hugs RV that now everything will be okay as she need not lie anymore to RV. Sharman calls Ishaani and shows Ritika hugging RV.

RV Celebrates Ishaani’s Birthday

RV will be seen celebrating Ishaani's Birthday. But when he makes her eat the cake, he gets a call and drops the cake. He leave the party and goes out!

What Made RV Leave Ishaani’s Birthday Party?

It should be seen what makes RV to leave the party. What was more important to RV than Ishaani? Will Sharman's doubt strain Ishaani-RV's relationship?

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