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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Wedding Competition Between Ranveer, Shikhar?

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's double weddings - Ranveer-Rithika and Ishaani-Shikhar's, seem to have an element of competition between each other. While Rithika and Ishaani are oblivious to this, the grooms seem to be competing against one another to give their respective brides the best wedding ever.

Ranveer has hired the best of wedding planners for his wedding with Rithika. He asks them to make the wedding the most expensive and the most memorable one. Rithika will also be seen getting impressed with Ranveer's enthusiasm.

Shikhar, on the other hand, wants to make the day most special for Ishaani. He wants to make sure her day will be the most happiest of her life. He will be seen discussing this with Baa as well.

While both the weddings lack the genuine love that is needed between the couple getting married, the respective grooms seem to want to make the day extra special for their brides. While one wants to spend money to achieve it, the other wants to make the day special by knowing what his to-be wife likes and doing it exactly that way.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi's upcoming sequence will have the viewers gripped to the story wondering if both the couple actually go through the weddings successfully or will there be some hurdles that change the scenarios?

Ranveer's Announcement

Ranveer announced his marriage with Rithika moments after he comes to know about Shikhar and Ishaani's wedding.

Ishaani's Plan

Shikhar realises that it was all Ishaani's plan to manipulate Ranveer in agreeing to marry Rithika. He says she knew how Ranveer would react.


Though there is nothing said between the two grooms, their actions suggest they are in to compete against each other in giving their brides what they want.

Baa Impressed With Ishaani

Ishaani tells Baa to that she agreed to marry Shikhar just for Ranveer to marry Rithika. She tells Baa that she has never loved Ranveer.

Ranveer's Wedding

Ranveer will be seen hiring the best of wedding planners for his wedding with Rithika. He makes sure all of Rithika's wishes come true this wedding.

Shikhar's Wedding

Shikhar will be seen telling Baa that he wants to give Ishaani the best wedding and that he wants to make it so memorable that she will forget her past.

Ranveer Buys Shikhar's Company

Ranveer informs Shikhar that he bought his company's shares and now he is a partner in his company so he can stay close to him.

Shikhar Vs Ranveer

It is now a competition between Ranveer and Shikhar to see who will give their brides the best wedding, which they will never forget.

Ranveer Pays Baa

Ranveer sees Baa having money trouble and helps her out. He even gives her a check for Ishaani's wedding.

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