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Shocker! Shagun To Harm Ruhi For Revenge In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's latest twist has Shagun's (Anita Hassanandani) lawyer deciding to help Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) get back her daughter, Ruhi. Realising this, Shagun decides to take any extreme step the keep Ruhi away from Ishita. But, will Shagun go to the extreme of harming her own daughter for revenge?

Ishita, who has declared that she will somehow take back Ruhi within 48 hours gets desperate to figure out a way. She, along with her sister Vandita and Mihika, will try to trick the lawyer who helped Shagun tamper the court papers. But when the lawyer turns more intelligent, Ishita questions his ethics and his humanity in this case. Though he ignores them at the time, he will later give in when he will get questioned in a school motivational program.

The lawyer will then decide to help Ishita in getting her child back. He will give her a letter that will make the judge grant Ruhi's custody to her. Aditya, who gets to know about this, calls his mother to inform her about what the lawyer has done. Excited he informs her that Ruhi will go back to her family and he will come back to live with her.

But angry Shagun declares that he is staying with Raman and she will make sure Ruhi never goes back to her Ishima. While there are many possibilities to what Shagun might do to keep Ruhi from going back to her Ishima, will she actually harm her own daughter to get back at Ishita? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see if she harms Ruhi and how Ishita saves Ruhi from her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Shagun will decide to make sure Ruhi will not get back at Ishita.

Raman Worried

Raman starts to get worried about getting Ruhi back. They have declared that they will bring Ruhi back in two days.

Ishita Confident

While Raman gets worried about Shagun influencing Ruhi. Ishita is confident about her daughter.

Shagun's Lawyer

The Iyer sister decide to trick Shagun's lawyer into accepting the truth. But since Ashok would have warned him, he knew who they were.

Bala's Mother

Bala's mother comes to Shagun to give her support in separating Ruhi and Ishita.

Ruhi Acts Out

Ruhi decides to teach Bala's mother a lesson. She will ask her to feed her the cookie and bites down on her finger.

Raman And Ruhi

Raman would come to Shagun's house to take Aditya's medical record. He will calm an agitated Ruhi and reassures her Ishita will bring her back soon.

Ishita Confronts The Lawyer

Though the lawyer manages to not fall for the Iyer sisters' trick, Ishita decides to confront him in person and question him about his ethics.

Ishita Questions Him

Ishita questions the lawyer about his duties and how he could cheat someone and separate a mother and daughter.

Aditya's Class

Aditya's class would have guests talking about their professional achievements. Shagun's lawyer will come to talk and Aditya recognises him.

Lawyer Who Cheated

Aditya will then be seen questioning the lawyer in front of the class and his child. This will change the lawyer's thinking.

Lawyer Comes To Ishita

Shagun's lawyer comes to Ishita and gives her a letter and inform her that it will get her daughter back to her.

Aditya Informs Shagun

Aditya will then inform Shagun about what the lawyer has done. He will be excited that Ruhi will come back and he can go back to his mother.

Shagun Angry

Shagun will lose her cool after getting the news. She will tell Aditya that he will stay where he is and that she will make sure Ruhi will never go back to her Ishima.

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