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Madhubala: 7th January Written Episode; Madhu Puts KRK To Jail!

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th January written Episode: KRK is about to inject RK and he hears the police van sound. KRK throws the injection immediately and RK doesn’t notice it. Madhu comes with the police.

Kuku Bhatia and Bhujang are angry that the work couldn’t be done. Kuku says that Madhu is the main issue. Sikky tells Madhu to confirm who the real RK is. When KRK calls him ‘Sikandar’ he comes to know it is KRK. As the police come to arrest him, a blast of colour is shot and a person assigned by Bhujang picks the bag full of money and comes to them. Both KRK and RK fight to prove that they are the real RK.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhu tells she knows how to identify the real RK. Madhu sees RK’s hand and it has the tattoo showing ‘Madhu’ which KRK doesn’t have. She tells that she got this tattoo done few days back and slaps KRK. KRK threatens her that the game is not over. The police arrest KRK and Bhujang calls his advocate to arrange for KRK’s bail.

KRK is at jail and the police tell him to sign the documents admitting his crime. He refuses and the advocate comes with bail papers. At RK mansion, RK thanks Madhu for saving him and tells her to get more tattoos done. They share a moment. On the other side, Bhujang is shouting at KRK to waste time and not inject RK on time. He tells him that Kuku Bhatia is thinking of a good plan and to leave to his room.

The last scene ends with RK coming to his room and lights go off. He gets panicky and suddenly a voice comes and he thinks it is KRK. The voice tells him that he will lead him to his family and Madhu.

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