CAUGHT: Baahubali Poster Copied From A Hollywood Movie

As promised earlier, S S Rajamouli has kick started releasing few of Baahubali's principle characters on twitter. Starting with a baby's picture on May 1st, he has revealed a poster of Baahubali The Beginning online.

But the hype and the excitement around the poster did not last long. Few of the fans and movie lovers were quick enough in finding the original poster, from where Rajamouli got 'inspired'.


The poster of an American comedy-drama, Simon Birch, was almost similar to that of the poster released by Rajamouli. This sheer resemblances has put Rajamouli fans and Telugu movie lovers in a state of shock. However we are yet to here a word from Rajamouli about this unusual match.

On the other side, speculations were already rife, on the story of Baahubali. Rajamouli quoted that the main plot of the story revolves around the poster and hence reports are pouring in that the story might also be a modified version of Simon Birch.

Apparently, Rajamouli has landed in similar troubles many a times, when his Eega was found to be a rip off from a short film, Cockroach. Baahubali making videos were also termed as copied version of Hollywood making videos, since the template used in the videos were also used for many Hollywood films.


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