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      Why Orange & Nenokkadine(1) Should Not Have Tanked At The Box Office!

      By Mayur Javali

      The content of the movie is not always directly proportional to its output or performance at the box office. On quite a few occasions, it has been noticed that a commercially mundane movie which sticks to formula based content and an average storyline, clicks well with the audience and succeed with good numbers.

      While there are quite a good number of instances where a technically well-crafted movie fizzles at the box office due to its lack of commercial and appealing elements.

      Though the list of movies belonging to the latter can add up to the tally significantly, let's check out two of the nicely made ventures which bombed at the box office and is now receiving better accolades and appreciation from the audience.


      This 2010 film was just the third movie of Megapower Star Ram Charan as a hero and witnessed a celebrated release. The movie was riding on sky rocketed expectations due to various X factors.

      Orange was Ram Charan's subsequent movie post the stupendous success of SS Rajamouli directorial Magadheera, which was the biggest Telugu blockbuster during the time of Orange's release and the third biggest South Indian Blockbuster after Enthiran and Sivaji.

      Why Orange & Nenokkadine(1) Should Not Have Tanked At The Box Office!

      The Mega family fans were hoping for one more astounding hit and much to their disappointment, the movie fizzled to meet the expectations of the Mega family fans. Ram Charan experimented with his looks and decided to venture into a class avenue by choosing a romantic genre.

      Fans quite didn't accept their favourite hero going behind a girl as the mass crowd wished to see their hero bashing a 100 men and mouth some fierce dialogues.

      In addition to that, SS Rajamouli had shown Charan is the best possible manner through Magadheera, which was hard for audience and fans to overcome from the hangover.

      Being directed by Bommarillu fame, Bhaskar, the director had made a clean movie which emphasized the fact that the storyline was the main hero of the movie. The missing element of the movie was Charan's portrayal of larger than life image.

      Chemistry between Charan and Genelia was worked out well and the album of the movie by Harris Jayaraj is still considered to be the career best of Ram Charan.

      The movie though created some all-time records through its pre-biz sales, ended up collecting a paltry 20 Cr distributor share at the box office. Uncle turned Producer, Naga Babu, had to face huge financial crisis due to the movie's debacle.

      Nenokkadine (1)

      Prince Mahesh Babu, who was the top two leading star of TFI during the time of Nenokkadine, decided to venture into an experimental path for his 19th movie.

      Mahesh donned the role of a schizophrenic patient in the movie which was directed by Aarya fame Sukumar. Sukumar is known for his screenplay treatment and, it is also an evident fact that Sukumar offers the career best looks and appearance for his movie heroes.

      Why Orange & Nenokkadine(1) Should Not Have Tanked At The Box Office!

      Mahesh Babu, who is a handsome hunk, was shown in a much classy avatar who oozed style and substance. The movie had a solid story coupled with a gripping screenplay. Mahesh and Kriti looked amazing on screen, DSP's music was top notch and Randy's cinematography was slick and near perfect.

      However, the movie didn't strike the right chord with the audience despite many positive factors in the movie. Though the movie was more appealing towards the 'A' centre audience, it failed to impress them as well. Probably, the serious characterization of the protagonist and the complex writing led to the movie's failure.

      Mahesh's performance on the whole and especially during the interval block, shows his stamina as an actor. The movie was made on a humongous budget of 70Cr but managed to earn a meagre 43-44Cr including theatrical run, satellite and audio revenue. The movie was termed as one of the biggest loss in the history of TFI.

      Cut the scene to the present date, both these movies enjoy a decent number of viewership when telecasted on TV and is widely lauded by the social media groups.

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