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Victory - Review

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Nithin and Mamata Mohandas
The combination of Venkat and Ravi C Kumar had brought out a big hit like Samanyudu on the banner of RR Movie Makers. The duo again teamed up to break success jinx of Nithin, who is craving for a success after a series of flops. But, unfortunately, it failed to happen once again, though Nithin worked very hard to build up a six-pack body. Especially the poor and cinematic movement of the story turned a drawback for the movie. The director neither established the love between the hero and heroine nor succeeded in making the film with action in the backdrop. The improper mix of the two elements tested the patience of the audiences.

Vijay (Nithin) is a graduate and gets ready for police officer's selection. His parents (Tanikella Bharani and Sana) and sister love him very much. They own a plot in Hyderabad. He helps his friend (Shashank) who owns a shop in getting loan from a bank. The loan sanctioning officer of the bank Janaki (Mamata Mohandas) happens to see Vijay's photo in a matrimonial website and falls in love with him.

On the other side, there are two land mafia gangs - one led by Devaraj (Asutosh Rana) and Pandu (Supreet). However, Devaraj with his political clout had an upper hand among them. Once, Devaraj chops the right hand of Pandu in one of the land grabbing cases and hence Pandu wants to take revenge on Devaraj. At this juncture, Devaraj eyes a vast land in Sitarampuram colony. In fact, the entire land belongs to a freedom fighter called Pingali Venkaiah (Ravi Kondala Rao). Being a Gandhian, he donates the land to the people.

Devaraj prepares fake documents and grabs the entire land. Vijay's plot was also a part of that colony. With the dreams of constructing an own house shattered, many families cry foul but to no avail. However, Vijay's efforts to unite the displaced persons prove futile. So, Vijay and his friends decide to teach a lesson to Devaraj. But Vijay realises that killing of Devaraj will not solve the purpose and the people should be enlightened in this regard.

At this juncture, they come to know that Pingali Venkaiah is none other than Janaki's grandfather. So the people of the colony invite him to Independence Day celebrations. Learning this, Devaraj's men hatch a plan and kill Pingali Venkaiah. The case filed in the court goes in favour of Devaraj in the absence of any concrete evidence. Finally, Vijay prepares another plan and kidnaps Devaraj. Vijay arranges cameras of all the television channels in a room and make Devaraj to deliberate all the frauds he committed through his mouth. This makes everyone believe how bad the police, registration and revenue departments are working and how they turned corrupt. In the climax, the people teach a lesson to Devaraj and the film ends on a happy note.

PLUS: Nithin looked good in the film with good physique. He had built up a six-pack body. However, such body is really not required for the film as a normal hero could do the fights in regular films. None of the fights were stylish. Mamata Mohandas appeared average and neither is she too glamorous nor had a very big scope for performance. Shashank played another hero, while Sindhu Tulani appeared as his lady love, who works in a private television channel as crime reporter. Asuthosh Rana looked promising and showed good performance on the lines of Prakash Raj. But for the performance of Nithin and Asuthosh Rana, the film has nothing much to talk about.

MINUS: The poor movement of the story, atrocious screenplay, cinematic run of events, not so good music, poor re-recording, unimpressive dialogues - there are several drawbacks which turned the minus points of the movie. Especially, none of the songs are melodious and are proved to be intervals for the smokers. Though there are two heroes, Shashank had nothing much to play in the film. The climax of the film was also very unconvincing.

REMARKS: Though Nithin kept high hopes on the success of the movie, the film failed to reach the expectations. In the absence of proper story and the unconvincing mix of land mafia, action and family sentiment played the spoilsport for the success of the movie. As a whole, the film has nothing to offer as it has neither good entertainment values nor a good subject with action backdrop.

Cast: Nithin, Shashank, Mamata Mohandas, Sindhu Tulani, Asuthosh Rana, 'Allari' Ravibabu, Ajay, Tanikella Bharani, MS Narayana, Duvvasi Mohan, Supreet, Krishna Bhagawan, Nuthan Prasad, Ranganath, Tarjaan, Narsing Makkala, Devadas Kanakala, Kadambari Kiran, Vizag Prasad, and others.
Producer: Venkat
Banner: RR Movie Makers
Direction: Ravi C Kumar
Music: Chakri
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Editing: KV Krishna Reddy
Camera: Vijay C Kumar

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