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Celina chats on her movie Red

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Celina's sun-bronzed image, playing a violin in a sexy bikini in Janasheen is etched in everybody's mind. Celina Jaitley has been framed as a sensuous Goddess in Bollywood ever since. She will be playing yet another sizzling role in Vikram Bhatt's upcoming flick Red. But this army-girl is more than just a hottie.

Gaurav : hello
Celina Jaitley : hello Gaurav..

Adel : well celina i have loved ur role in apna sapna money money
Celina Jaitley : thanku adel..i need ur best wishes...

premzero : celina i hope Red brings u a lot of acclaim!.. u need a performance to slap the critics
Celina Jaitley : thank u prem...Its been long awaited..

akkiboy : honestly tell me how would u rate urself as an actress?
Celina Jaitley : i rate myself 8 as an actor...but everybody doesn't share the same viewpoint...

Ajnabee : Celinaji, what is the best part for you being an actress is
Celina Jaitley : the love and adulation of people worldwide...

Ajanbee : That's great. What is your next film?
Celina Jaitley : thanku ajnabee...next film is shalaka boom boom after RED

Sevil : celina i am still waiting for your hi
Celina Jaitley : hi sevil...

Shezada : tusi kitni lambhi hoon
Celina Jaitley : aasi 5 foot 6 inch hengey...

HAMZA : if you had the chance would you appear on big brother in the UK?
Celina Jaitley : hamza...i dont know if i am ready for big brother yet...

premzero : when ppl think of celina.. they think of beauty first up.. does that bother u?
Celina Jaitley : prem it doesnt bother me... bcos my beauty has brought me where i am today...

Sagar : wht u think who is the most talented actor in bollywood industry
Celina Jaitley : sagar...i think its aamir khan...

koolboy : a big hi from ur biggest fan from Pakistan
Celina Jaitley : hi kool boy...

Sarah : Celina... would you ever like to work with the superstar Salman Khan?
Celina Jaitley : sarah..i hav worked with salman in No Entry...

srk : celina m'am whats the film red about
Celina Jaitley : srk...red the film itself wud b the best to explain itself

akkiboy : everyone says that once a person gets stardom he/she changes completely.is it true?
Celina Jaitley : akki. i dont know...

premzero : celina r u punjabi or parsi or.... wht r u?
Celina Jaitley : prem... if i explain my roots to u then it wud take 3 days ...i am an Indian

sneha : Celina, you have a strong resemblance to Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman. U are one lucky girl, after all these two women are no ordinary women. ;)
Celina Jaitley : thank u sneha... thats a wonderful compliment

tasnim haq : what do you think of shahrukh?!
Celina Jaitley : i luv shahrukh...

shafahi afg : are u komming in afghanistan in any time
Celina Jaitley : shafahi...only time will tel...looking forward to it...i want to visit..Bamiyan

tasnim haq : what is your fav movie of 2006, besides your own movies?
Celina Jaitley : my fav movie of 2006 has been krrish..

galatic : hey celina wots wid the saree promotion u r doin
Celina Jaitley : i have started my own range of sarees along with the brand called Jashn

Sagar : so any future movie with Aamir khan??
Celina Jaitley : inshahallah will soon do a movie with aamir...

preet : celina..how was working wid aftab?
Celina Jaitley : preet... aftab is a very chivalrous co-star

Lalit Oberoi : How you come 2 do movies , celina
Celina Jaitley : my entry into movies began post Miss India

spider : celina people call you item girl do you have any problem
Celina Jaitley : spider... its a part of being an actor... i have not done an item number...

Ajnabee : Celina, shaadi ke baare main kiya socha hain
Celina Jaitley : shaadi is barbaadi right now... only work for me

sweety : who is your fav actor n actress
Celina Jaitley : my fav actor is ... aamir khan n fav actress aishwarya rai...

Celina Jaitley : my fav actor is ... aamir khan n fav actress aishwarya rai...
chimpu : which is your best film in hollywood
Celina Jaitley : chimpu... saving private ryan...

samie : you were good in No entry!! I am looking forward to Red!
Celina Jaitley : thanku samie...i hav done very diff work in red hope u will enjoy it...

GolGaPPa : We also've a restaurant in Dubai named Jashn, is that Yours?
Celina Jaitley : i dont have a restaurant named jashn in Dubai...

Ajnabee : Western Outfits or Indian Outfits?
Celina Jaitley : saree is my fav outfit...

i love celina : Celina.. your comments on sex??
Celina Jaitley : sex is a natural phenomenon

AfghanGuy : Celina, I will always support you as a fan
Celina Jaitley : thanku afghan guy...

Shri : Hey Celina, which role/character do you consider as your favourite one (till now)?
Celina Jaitley : my fav role is what sridevi played in the film Sadma

ricky : is red a thriller or a murder mystery
Celina Jaitley : ricky...RED is a story about the darker side of women's emotions...

sweety : r u looking forward to work with hrithik roshan?
Celina Jaitley : i have done a world tour with hrithik...may be Krissh 3


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