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"I'll definitely work with Shahid if given a chance": Hansika... Contd.

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Ajay 121: what are ur expectations from Money Hai Toh Honey Hai?
Hansika: if you support me ajay121 it should be a hit.

Shaan: How do u rate ur dancing Hansika. Was it difficult matching steps with Govinda?
Hansika: not really Shaan...I enjoy whatever I do.

kamal: Hansika u r really cute and sensational.
Hansika: as you think abt me kamal...i get moulded in that.

King: ur movie will b block buster Hansika.
Hansika: aap ke munh me ghee shakkar king.

dipu: what are u doing besides films?
Hansika: studying

DEEP: Hansika when we gonna see u with Bollywood handsome man Salman Khan???
Hansika: I don't know Deep....maybe soon.

Shaan: U speak very maturely and professionally in ur interviews, how did u manage to learn this so early in ur career.
Hansika: I think in today's world, we all are exposed to the media so it comes.

Dev Anand: which is your fav track from the movie?
Hansika: my own track which I am dancing on....Chal jaye Chhuriyaan.

JACK: what u think about reality shows?
Hansika: It's ok Jack...entertainment after all.

Shaan: Here in UK we await eagerly for MHTHH.
Hansika: Thank you Shaan...it's releasing on 25th july....so just one more week to go.

DEEP: Hansika I' m Punjabi too...so do u speak Punjabi????
Hansika: thodi thodi aandi hai Deep

Chintu: who is your favorite hero? Why?
Hansika: Dev Anand.

Sami: Do you have a boyfriend?
Hansika: no not as yet Sami

DEEP: hiiii Hansika I' m frm Sydney...gr8 fan u&salman khan...wanna see u with him..plz do a romantic movie with him....
Hansika : surely will do that Deep

Ankit: Hansika u also work down in south how do overcome the language barrier or u have a good command on those languages.
Hansika: not really...i translate them and understand each word.

Salman: Did you like Kismat Konnection?
Hansika: the promos are superb...have not seen the film.

Vicky: would like to blog or open a web site?
Hansika: well some of my fans have made a web site on me.

kk: hi dear. Your style statement?
Hansika: be yourself ...enjoy life.

Somie: hi..how was working with Manoj Bajpai?
Hansika: oh superb somie....

CHEVI: your fav holiday destination?
Hansika: my house chevi...because I am really there now.

Salman: How was your experience with the drama on star plus Des Main Nikla Hoga Chand?
Hansika: I enjoyed it....and I am very proud to be a part of that soap

Prash: Hi Hansika....r u nervous before the release of ur movie?
Hansika: no...i have full faith in you guys.

Near: what is ur fav brand?
Hansika: Tommy Hilfiger and Guess.

Sonic: what is the diff between tolly and Bollywood?
Hansika : The language....thats it sonam

Kk: what kind of role do u like to play in future and ur fav genre?
Hansika: romantic and comedy films both genres

mith : how has the journey been for you, from a child artist to mainstream leading lady ?
Hansika: The journey has been great...I totally enjoyed it

Salman : Will you act with Shahid Kapur in your next projects?
Hansika: if given a chance definitely

Sameera: Hansika what's ur fav pass time?
Hansika : I like drawing and sitting on the net

Sameera: hi Hansika...what are the drawbacks of Bollywood that u felt in these many years.
Hansika: nothing sameera...its my profession ...i don't think there are any drawbacks ...and I enjoy it

Salman: what is the hidden secret inside your beauty?
Hansika: nothing Salman

zafar : Hansika I 'm zafar from Pakistan and biggest fan of urs in Pakistan. I love ur movies.
Hansika: thank you so much zafar....god bless you

Hansika: Hey guys...great speaking to you....love you for being here...do go and watch Money Hai To Honey Hai this 25th July...hope you guys like our hard work....Hansika

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