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Shahrukh Khan Did Not Plagiarise JK Rowling's Speech

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We reported to you about the accusation against Shahrukh khan for his alleged plagiarism of JK Rowling's Harvard speech. As we all were waiting to see what SRK would say for being blamed, we now have a response from his strategist, who defends Shahrukh.

This news on SRK plagiarising had become a controversy overnight. The internet was buzzing about the same. Superstar Shahrukh Khan's Chief Digital Strategist, Shailja defends the actor and makes it clear to everyone that Shahrukh has not plagiarised. Shailja tells us that SRK had given credits to the Harry Potter author JK Rowling for using her phrases from her 2008 Harward speech.

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In the previous article, we gave you examples of sentences where SRK had used Rowling's phrases but now have fresh news which proves that the actor credited Rowling. He had in fact begun his sentences by mentioning that his was a recycled speech. Here are a few phrases from his speech - "Let me forewarn you, this is a recycled speech. Whenever I am called to give speeches at ypo or some such big organisation, I use this speech. It's generic, simple and makes me give no commitment in our first meeting. Somewhat like the corporate world itself."

Shahrukh Khan does not deny using her phrases but he has not done anything wrong as he has given the required credit. Before reading sentences from her speech, he had said, "What Rowling so aptly described in her Harvard speech... life is a not just a check list of acquisitions...attainments...and fulfillment. Your qualifications and CV don't really matter. Instead life is difficult and complicated...and beyond anyone's control...and the humility to know that...by respecting your failures will help you survive it's vicissitudes." This clearly shows that SRK was merely quoting Rowling's lines as he could relate to her past miseries.

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