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    Jaya Bachchan Evokes Extreme Reactions As Her 'Rapists Should Be Lynched' Statement Goes Viral


    The latest statement of Jaya Bachchan over the horrific incident in Hyderabad, where a 26-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered, has evoked extreme reactions from netizens. For the unversed, 'Madam B' had said, "The accused in the rape cases should be named and shamed. These kind of people should be brought out in public and lynched."

    While some slammed Jaya Bachchan for promoting 'lynching', some supported her take on the gruesome incident. Check out what the netizens have to say..


    Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal: "People have turned insane!! Yes we are angry! Yes we want fast justice. But #JayaBachchan get a hold of yourselves. We want to remain India and not turn into Lynchistan -- dont encourage people to start lynching on suspicion without due process and investigation!"

    Abhishek Kumar @im_ur_abhi: "Absolutely madam. I think this is the best suggestion. the greatest of fear in someones life is getting lynched by public. #jayabachchan govt should introduce this legislation to punish the culprits of gangrape. I think juvenile act should be relooked too."

    SwarupSarkar @swarup1972: "#JayaBachchan : Two wrong does not make a Right think. Male haters like u are responsible to destroy trust among gender & such crime increase due to yr such hate speech.

    Already u amend rape law, #Hangdeath Punishment with logic will reduce crime, now ask yourself why it failed?"

    Kriti Vajpeyi @vajpeyikriti: "What is wrong with the remarks of #JayaBachchan? She gave voice to all women of this country."

    joker @BELIEBE52111689: "#JayaBachchan She wants RAPIST to be lynched,not other innocent people, And she's absolutely right But one thing I've to say that in our country many many supporters of Rapist, that's y Rapist chilling in a prison,but not hanged, Never."

    anvita @anvitanath: "Lynching and castration may be the right sentiment for rapists but not the right solution."

    Gargi Rawat @GargiRawat: "This is so problematic. We can't encourage lynch mobs and kangaroo court justice. That too from a Parliamentarian #rape #HyderabadHorror."

    @hellohahafucku: "You said the laws should be stricter for rapists, so they are scared to commit this cardinal sin, today when #JayaBachchan said, they should be Lynched, YOU hypocrites have the audacity to speak otherwise now? Stop making memes of everything to get attention, be real for once."

    (Social media posts are unedited)

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