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Moggina Mansu - Review

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Moggina Mansu
Producer E. Krishnappa's Moggina Mansu has come to the theatres after a fight with the Censor Board. The film was finally awarded a 'U/A' certificate by the Tribunal, changing the 'A' certificate given earlier by the Regional Board, saying that the film carries a message for the teenagers in the country. The film vindicates the view of the Tribunal with its relevant, significant and topical message for the youngsters of today. So what is the story?

The much-repeated plot is about teenage girls crossing the limits and giving headaches to their parents. But the film stands out for its novel treatment and presentation by director Shashank. There are four teenage protagonists and the film runs on four different tracks, making it almost a modern-day documentary.

Two girls, Renuka Devi (Shubha Punj) and Chanchala (Radhika Pandit), after passing 10th standard, join Queen's college for their pre-university study. The girls face a ragging session conducted by two senior students Sanjana (Sangeetha Shetty) and Deeksha (Manasi). After the ragging, the girls become enemies, but later, become close and inseparable friends. The story takes a twist from here, as the girls start having affairs. Renuka Devi is heartbroken and commits suicide, while Chanchala withdraws from her relationship with a popular singer Rahul to prosper in her studies. Rahul is dejected but in the end, gets back to Chanchala. The parents of the girls are the ones who go through hell all the while the girls are having fun with their lives.

The biggest highlight of the film is the four talented and yet inexperienced artists who have performed brilliantly. Radhika Pandit, who plays the character of Chanchala, deserves all credit for portraying her role with fervour. The other three girls also sparkle in their respective roles and make Moggina Manasu a pleasure to watch.

The other person who deserves kudos is cameraman K.S. Chandrasekhar for his brilliant work. He has taken care in filming each frame aesthetically; the excellence he has shown in using the light deserves appreciation. Melody king Mano Murthy adds to the feel of the film by providing beautiful songs. All the songs are rich in melody, lyrics and visual treats.

Although Moggina Mansu does not stand up to E. Krishnappa's previous film Mungaru Male, it has succeeded in capturing the confusions and frustrations of young minds. The film, made to deliver a message to youngsters, will never lose its significance, as teenagers across time and cultures tend to be confused and searching for love, like the protagonists here.

Production E. Krishnappa
Direction Shashank
Cinematography K.S. Chandrasekhar
Music Mano Murthy
Cast Radhika Pandit, Shuba Punj, Sangeetha Shetty, Manasi, Skandha, Manoj, Harsha, J.D. Nagaraj, Avinash, Bhavya, Achyut Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagdeesh, Thulasi, Chikkahejjaji Mahadev, Master Kishen

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