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      Lakshyam Movie Review: Hits The Right Target!


      Lakshyam, directed by debutant Anzar Khan and featuring Biju Menon and Indrajith in the lead roles has hit the theatres today (May 06, 3027). The film, which has been tagged as an emotional thriller is expected to be the dark horse of the season.

      The film has its script written by popular film-maker Jeethu Joseph. Lakshyam has been jointly produced by Joy Thomas Sakthikuangara, Teji Manalel and Jeethu Joseph.

      Lakshyam Movie Review


      The story of Lakshyam revolves around two convicts, Vimal And Musthafa, who try to break free, after an accident that occur while they are being transported. Vimal, who is an innocent has a mission and he seeks the help of Musthafa for that. What happens rest has been narrated in a thrilling manner in Lakshyam.

      Read On To Know How The Cast & Crew Members Of Lakshyam Have Fared For The Movie..

      Biju Menon As Musthafa

      Biju Menon As Musthafa

      Biju Menon appears as Musthafa, a petty thief who has been arrested for a recent theft case. The role was always safe in the hands of Biju Menon. He has taken care of the humour part in the movie with elan and he owns the first half with some impeccable one-liners that entertains the audiences. Be it the intense or light sequences, Biju Menon has put up an impressive performance as Musthafa.

      Indrajith As Vimal

      Indrajith As Vimal

      Indrajith gets to play the role of Vimal, an IT professional, who has been convicted for a murder case. The actor got to play a rather serious character and he does that with effortless ease. The only negative was the certain areas where the dialogue delivery looked a bit dramatic.

      Sshivada As Shalini

      Sshivada As Shalini

      Sshivada appears as Shalini, the love interest of Vimal. She is there in the film in just a few number of scenes but her character plays due importance in the movie. It is her character that drives the story of the movie forward. A rather important character played with maturity by the actress.

      Rest Of The Cast

      Rest Of The Cast

      The film has a comparatively smaller star cast as there are only a few number of characters in the movies. Apart from the above mentioned actors, Lakshyam also features Shammi Thilakan and Kishore Satya in importat roles. Both of them have done a good job but it was disappointing to see Shammi Thilakan having not utilised to the full extent.

      Script - Jeethu Joseph

      Script - Jeethu Joseph

      Scripting department of the film has been handled by Jeethu Joseph. The writer's expertise in penning thrillers is well-known and once again he has come up with a product that engages the audience from the beginning to the end.

      Writer in him has done a neat job, especially the way he sketched Biju Menon's character with some humour quotient is highly appreciable. Jeethu Joseph has added some engaging elements, which is a must in cat and mouse game thrillers like Lakshyam.

      At the same time, writer in him has failed to make an impact in the romantic track, which looks clichéd. Some of the dialogues in the flashback sequences were also dramatic.

      Direction – Anzar Khan

      Direction – Anzar Khan

      It's a confident debut by Anzar Khan. It isn't easy to make thrillers in Malayalam, as they get subjected to a lot of scrutiny by the audiences. Here, Anzar Khan has come up with an entertaining thriller, that keeps the audiences engaged throughout.

      The way in which he has mixed the present and flashback sequences deserves special mention. Such instances, keep the viewers thinking, till the end. Altogether, Anzar Khan has packaged Lakshyam, in the best way.

      Other Technicalities

      Sinu Sidharth has done a good job with his cinematography. It was indeed a challenging task for the cinematographer, as the film was shot mainly in forest areas. There is only one song in the film and it has been set to tun my M Jayachandran. The background score by Anil Johnson was a bit disappointing. He was unable to add the required punch with the BGM. Ayoob Khan has done a decent job at the editing table.

      Overall View

      First thing first, Lakshyam isn't in the lines of typical Malayalam thrillers, which you have seen in the past. The storyline might seem to be a pretty simple one but it has been layered well with some stunning twists here and there and thereby taking the audiences through the journey of the protagonists.

      The best part of Lakshyam is in the fact that the movie gets in to the business right from its first frame. No time has been wasted in setting the backdrop of the story, so the viewers can get in to the ride, at the word go.

      The first half of the film is neatly packed with some really entertaining moments offered by Biju Menon. The initial half ends with a big twist and the latter half of the movie takes over from there, with the portions becoming more intense.

      Lakshyam is not a film without flaws. The cliched romantic track, the excessive number of dream sequences etc., do hinder the flow of the movie but still, Lakshyam maintains has got good entertaining value.


      Lakshyam is definitely an impressive work. The film might not have those edge-of-the-seat moments, but still, it takes you for a thrilling ride, giving you the right dose of entertainments at the right parts.

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