Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Azeem Becomes The New Captain Of The BB house


    Season 6 of Tamil Bigg Boss has seen many dramas unfold ever since its launch last month. Every time the weekend eviction episode is over, the best players of the previous week will contest for the captaincy task.

    For the unversed, it was Azeem, Vikraman, and Shivin who were chosen as the best players of the week. They were appreciated for their active participation both in the house as well as in the weekly task- The courtroom task. Meanwhile, Queency and Robert were chosen as the worst
    players of the week.

    Azeem Wins The Captaincy Task

    Last week, Azeem and Vikraman were applauded for their performance in the Courtroom task. Shivin was chosen as the overall best performer in the house for effectively participating in the tasks and completing the chores on time.

    Accordingly, the above three were to compete in today's captaincy task. In a clip shared on the internet from the 24*7 live stream, it is revealed that the captaincy task is an individual task and the contestants were to catch hold of a ball dropping from a tunnel, hung above in the air.

    The clip further revealed that Azeem wins the tasks, eventually becoming the captain of the week.

    Meanwhile, before the task began, the housemates were seen discussing the teams they prefer to be part of. This was the allegation that Dhanalakshmi claimed to happen in the house every time before the captaincy task. Kamal Haasan also condemned this practice during the weekend episode. It is sad to see that the housemates don't heed the words of the show's host.

    Almost everybody in the house was under the impression that Vikraman will win the task and the women in the house were seen discussing their comfortable department with him. In particular, Shivin was seen telling him that she wants to be part of the cleaning team, but will stay in the cooking department to help the boys. Queency said she is ready to clean the vessels, provided she is given a pair of gloves.

    On the other hand, Azeem was seen discussing rationing to ADK and Kathiravan. He was seen saying that he is planning to write down names on the cups and plates so that they don't mix up and it is easy to find the culprit who leaves the used plates and cups around the house.

    We'll have to wait till tonight to know how exactly the teams were split up and will have to wait the whole week to know about the effectiveness of Azeem's captaincy.

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